War of the Rebellion: Serial 024 Page 0139 Chapter XXIX. SKIRMISH ON THE FULTON ROAD.

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SEPTEMBER 19, 1862.-Attack on the Queen of the West, near Bolivar, Miss.

Report of Charles R. Ellet, Medical Cadet, commanding Division of U. S. Ram Fleet.


Off Helena, Ark., September 20, 1862.

SIR: I have the honor to report to you that while returning yesterday with the Queen of the West from Eunice Landing, in company with two transports, the Iatan and Alhambra, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel C. E. Lippincott, we were field upon in the bend above Bolivar. The enemy had collected a force of 700 men and three field pieces at this point, where the course of the channel renders it necessary for boats to run for several miles within a few yards of the bank. They intended to attack the fleet unexpectedly as it passed through, but a fugitive negro had brought us full information of their plans and position. The three boats, at the suggestion of Colonel Lippincott, were brought through the bend lashed together, the Queen occupying the inside position. When within about 40 yards of the bank the enemy opened a heavy fire upon us of Minie balls, canister, and round shot, riddling the Queen in every direction. Her guns, which were worded with great skill and bravery by Lieutenant Callahan and his detachment of artillerists, silenced one of the enemy's pieces, and threw shell which burst in the very midst of the guerrillas. The sharpshooters of the Queen and the infantry of the transports kept up a constant fire on the riflemen of the enemy, whose loss must necessarily have been heavy.

The fight lasted for twenty minutes, during which 1 man on the Queen was killed and another dangerously wounded. Both of the men were gunners belonging to Lieutenant Callahan's detachment. The Iatan lost 2 men killed. A few of the sharpshooters received slight injuries. The men all behaved very well. The enemy had intended to attack the fleet at two other points, but failed to do so, their losses having probably been much severe than they had anticipated.

Very respectfully,


Medical Cadet, Commanding Division of Ram Fleet.

Lieutenant Colonel ALFRED W. ELLET,

Commanding Steam-Ram Fleet.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1862.-Skirmish on the Fulton Road, south of Iuka, Miss.

Report of Colonel Edward Hatch, Second Iowa Cavalry.


Camp, near Jacinto, Miss., September 22, 1862.

SIR: I have the honor to report, complying with order of Colonel Mizner to pursue the enemy retreating southward on the morning of the 20th and if possible to fall upon his trains, that I moved forward with my regiment from Iuka at 9 o'clock in the morning. The enemy's trains and flankers were so heavily guarded that I could find no practicable point to attack them. Fell on the enemy's guard about 7