War of the Rebellion: Serial 023 Page 0599 Chapter XXVIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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OCTOBER 9, 1862.

General BUELL:

Mitchel is close to the town and Sheridan closing up his right with Mitchel; his left retired, waiting for McCook to close up. McCook closing to his right slowly. When connection is complete and ready to advance Sheridan will move his left forward even with his right.


OCTOBER 9, 1862.

General GILBERT:

I have possession of the ridge occupied by the enemy yesterday. They have moved off, citizens say, on three roads, one of them toward Danville the others southeast of that point. I give this information for what it is worth and inclose a note from General McCook.



OCTOBER 9, [1862]-5 p.m.

Colonel FRY, Chief of Staff:

I have just heard from General Gay. He is at Chaplin River; has recovered Parson's guns; has come upon a wagon load of their dead unburied and a great number of arms left and thrown away. I read the note to Gay and have just sent him the import of it.


Major-General, Commanding.

CINCINNATI, OHIO, October 9, 1862-12.30 p.m.

Major General H. W. HALLECK, General-in-Chief:

Cincinnati is not immediately threatened at this time. The rebels under Kirby Smith had fallen back at last accounts to the neighborhood of Lexington, and possibly may have evacuated that place, though I have no reliable intelligence of the fact. The troops assembled at this point are moving to the front, the advance being in the vicinity of Crittenden, and can soon form a junction with Buell if desirable. The force advanced numbers about 10,000 all troops, and there are still in the vicinity of Covington four regiments, recently arrived and not yet fully equipped.



CINCINNATI, OHIO, October 9, 1862-2.15 p.m.

Major-General HALLECK, General-in-Chief:

Brigadier-General Tuttle, at Cairo, was placed there by General Grant's orders, with command extending over district embracing portions of Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri. As he is in the Department of the Ohio shall I consider him as exclusively under my orders and subject to my assignment? This will involve his relief from duty with General Grant, the order for which must come from you.


Major-General, Commanding.