War of the Rebellion: Serial 023 Page 0562 KY., M. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA. Chapter XXVIII.

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CINCINNATI, OHIO, October 1, 1862-3.30 p.m.

Major-General HALLECK:

From information received this morning I am satisfied that Morgan is safe. He was at West Liberty on Friday last, on his way to the Ohio, via Grayson. The rebels have given up the pursuit and have returned to Mount Sterling and Paris. Reports say they are moving toward Cincinnati, but this I do not credit. I propose bringing Morgan's force here as soon as it reaches the Ohio, if there be no objection to it. It will be an important addition to our raw troops.



CINCINNATI, OHIO, October 1, 1862-7.45 p.m.

Major General H. W. HALLECK, General-in-Chief:

I have sent to Western Virginia the Fortieth Ohio, Eighty-fourth Indiana, and a detachment of cavalry, and General Gillmore has gone to take temporary command, but no report has yet been received from him. The total force about Point Pleasant is nearly 9,000 not including State troops, of which I have no report. I cannot safely spare from here at this time another regiment. With Kirby Smith's and Marshall's forces in front it would not be prudent to leave this place without ten or twelve regiments at least. General Morgan's command, of which I telegraphed you to-day, might be sent there, though I had designed bringing it here. Where is Milroy's brigade, which I was advised on the 26th was to be sent to Western Virginia? Nothing from General Buell or in relation to his movements. Troops come in slowly. Not a regiment has arrived for some days.


Abstract from Return of the District of the Ohio, Major General D. C. Buell, U. S. Army commanding, for October 1, 1862.

Present for duty

Command. Officers Men Aggregate


Department and district 44 ......... 45


First (Thomas') Division 8 ......... 8

First (Schoepf's) Brigade 93 2,233 2,412

Second Brigade 126 2,255 2,491

Third Brigade 130 2,913 3,249

Total 357 7,401 8,160

Second (McCook's) Division 7 ......... 7

Fourth (Sill's) Brigade 123 2,704 3,050

Fifth (Stumbaugh's) 103 2,098 2,516


Sixth (Willich's) Brigade 118 2,580 2,788

Artillery (three 9 314 340


Cavalry (four companies)++ ......... ......... ..........

Total 360 7,696 8,701

Command. Aggregate Pieces of

present field

and artillery


Department and district 46 ........


First (Thomas') Division 8 (+)

First (Schoepf's) Brigade 3,368 ........

Second Brigade 3,294 ........

Third Brigade 3,981 ........

Total 10,651 ........

Second (McCook's) Division 10 ........

Fourth (Sill's) Brigade 4,350 ........

Fifth (Stumbaugh's) 3,147 ........


Sixth (Willich's) Brigade 3,484 ........

Artillery (three 411 18


Cavalry (four companies)++ ........ ........

Total 11,402 18


* The return purports to be for this date, but it is believed to represent the command for earlier and perhaps different periods. It does not conform to organization of September 29. (See p.558.)

+ Guns not reported on the original.

++ Strength not reported on the original.