War of the Rebellion: Serial 023 Page 0461 Chapter XXVIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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LOUISVILLE, KY., August 30, 1862 - 5 p. m.

Colonel STAGER:

Line of rail and telegraph from Nashville to Decatur been abandoned by Federals. Huntsville evacuated to-day. Stevenson will be evacuated to-morrow. Battle Creek has been taken by rebels. Indications are General Buell will fail back on Nashville. Fight to-day near Richmond, Ky. Federals fell back.




No. 32. Tuscumbia, Ala., August 30,1 862.

I. Brigadier General James. D. Morgan is hereby places in command of this division. He will proceed with that part of the division now in and north of Tuscumbia, Ala, to Athens, Ala., where he will join Colonel Roberts, commanding the First Brigade of said division; from which point General Morgan will report to General Buell for orders, and if no communication can be had with General Mitchell, in command of the Fourth Division, who recently passed through Florence, Ala., and endeavor to form a junction with him. General Morgan will seize all cattle fit for beef and drive them until he gets orders from General Buell; also take 50 head of fat cattle sent from Eastport. The march will be made with all possible dispatch consistent with the health of the troops. Green corn, vegetables, and fruits will be furnished by the commissary, and issued to the command whenever such articles can be found.

* * * * * * * *

By order of Brigadier General E. A. Paine:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

NASHVILLE, August 31, 1862.

Major-General BUELL:

I have forwarded your dispatch to Honorable W. H. Polk and others. The forces which have been estimated as coming through from Chattanooga and other points in the direction of Nashville will not exceed 25,000. My own opinion is that it is not half that number. I do not believe that Bragg's force at this time designs attacking Nashville unless induced to do so by a retreat of our forces; in expressing this opinion of course I do so in absence of what information you may have. Fifty thousand troops can't be supplied or subsisted between McMinnville and Chattanooga or any other place from which they have marched.



Decherd, August 31, 1862.

General McCOOK:

Lest you should not receive your orders or should find them confuse I state briefly that they provide for a concentration at Murfreesborough on the 5th.

Your movement will be so as to reach Manchester on the 2d, Hoover's Gap on the 3d, a point 10 miles from Murfreesborough on the 4th, and Murfreesborough on the 5th.