War of the Rebellion: Serial 023 Page 0455 Chapter XXVIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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of September; to a point within 5 miles of Murfreesborough on the 2d, and to Murfreesborough on the 3d. A brigade will be pushed forward by forced marches to-night so as to reach Hoover's Gap early to-morrow. It must be held until occupied in succession by brigades of the rear divisions, each of which will push forward a brigade for that purpose on arriving at Manchester.

3d. The First Division (Schoepf's) to march to Hillsborough on the 31st; to within 8 miles of Beech Grove on the 1st, drawing 15,000 rations in passing Manchester; to a point within 14 miles of Murfreesborough on the 2d, and to Murfreesborough on the 3d.

4th. The Second Division (McCook's) to march from is present position to Pelham on the 1st, unless he has marched to Hickory Cree, in which case the will continue on that road to Manchester on the 2d, whether he goes by Pelham or Hickory Creek; to Hoover's Gap on the 3d; to a point within 10 miles of Murfreesborough on the 4th, and to Murfreesborough on the 5th. This division will take up what rations (about 27,000) remain at Manchester.

5th. The Fourth and Sixth Divisions, under General Thomas, to march to Clermont on the 3d, to Readyville on the 4th, and to Murfreesborough on the 5th.

6th. The Thirteenth Michigan, Simonson's battery, and three companies of Engineers and Mechanics at Stevenson to march to Tantalon on the 31st; to Elk River on the 1st; to Duck River on the 2d; to Wartrace on the 3d; to Christiana on the 4th; to Murfreesborough on the 5th. The Thirty-seventh Indiana, now on the road between Stevenson and Decherd and that part of the Twenty-fourth Illinois and Ninth Michigan on the line between Decherd and Murfreesborough, will be relieved by Brigadier-General Smith, who is assigned to the command of the troops named in this paragraph and to the duty of relieving all the bridge guards on the arrival at Decherd of the troops from Stevenson. General Smith will concentrate them with the troops at Decherd, and march the whole command as above directed, reaching Murfreesborough on the 5th. A train of 50 wagons will accompany this column to carry the sick.

7th. The Eighteenth Ohio and other troops between Manchester and McMinnville will be concentrated at Manchester on the 1st by Colonel Stanley, and will march from that point with the Second Division (McCook's).

These orders must be strictly and rigidly complied with and the marches made in good order and without straggling or confusion. Commanders will be held responsible for this. In case, however, the enemy would not press upon Altamont and McMinnville the troops at those points will delay as long as they can do so and still have a day's march between them and the enemy's advanced guard, if indeed the enemy should follow at all.

The different columns on the same route will communicate with each other daily and oftener if any movements of the enemy or other controlling obstacle should unavoidably interfere with the order of march, but it is expected that everything that energy and fortitude can accomplish will be done to overcome any such difficulties. Strong pioneer parties will be sent with the advanced guards and invariable clear the road of obstacles, and the cavalry will be thrown as far in advance as safety will permit to prevent the road from being obstructed by the enemy.