War of the Rebellion: Serial 023 Page 0270 KY.,M. AND E.TENN.,N.ALA., AND SW.VA. Chapter XXVIII.

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Judge Lane knows that he is not and never has been in the rebel army, and states that he has been an invalid for ten years.


HEADQUARTERS, Huntsville, August 6, 1862.

General THOMAS,

Commanding First Division, Decherd:

Send the guerrillas to Camp Chase when you have proof that they are such.


HEADQUARTERS FOURTH DIVISION, McMinnville, August 6, 1862.

Colonel FRY, Chief of Staff:

COLONEL: The dispatch of General Buell overtook me yesterday 9 miles from Sparta, to which point I was pursuing the enemy. In five minutes after the reception I commenced the counter march and arrived here again at 10 p.m., crossing for a second time the Collins River, whose banks are limestone cliffs 150 feet high. I had intended that the cavalry should arrive at Sparta the same day that I arrived here; had that been done I would have killed or captured the enemy in toto. But it seems my orders were misunderstood. I sent a dispatch to General Smith and asked him to telegraph you the force I have here. I am ready for any orders.

The different from Chattanooga to this place does not go by Battle Creek; it leaves Battle Creek well to the left, coming hither; in fact, there are two pretty good roads to this place from Chattanooga here. In my opinion Bragg has no intention to trouble Battle Creek, but he will come straight here and on to Nashville. If his retreat to Chattanooga is cut off by McCook that will not trouble him at all, because in case a disaster here - I mean in Middle Tennessee - he has the highway from Nashville to Sparta and on to Knoxville open to him all the time. That he is coming here I am assured, because it is proper for him to do so.

2d. All the secessionists here expect him and are preparing to receive him.

3d. Union me, by advice of personal friends - secesh - are preparing for the worst.

4th. He has 2,000 cavalry east of Sparta ready to take part in the movement, which would be forces thrown away if he intended to attack Battle Creek. The ground throughout all the country is broken, very broken; good for defenses. So soon as the head of his column discloses itself I shall commence fighting it and I will retard its march very considerably.

In the mean time I would like to be informed succinctly what part I am to take in the general movement, so that no mistake may be committed. I find myself that when I give orders in general terms, leaving a broad discretion, &c., that the individual having them goes and does that precisely which he should not, to show his originality, I suppose. It is an error which one day may be serious, and I wish to avoid it on so important an occasion as this promises to be.