War of the Rebellion: Serial 023 Page 0254 KY.,M. AND E.TENN.,N.ALA., AND SW.VA. Chapter XXVIII.

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HEADQUARTERS, Huntsville, August 2, 1862.

General MORGAN, Cumberland Gap:

I have telegraphed to General Boyle about Andrews' company of artillery. There are no companies, unless it be that, to send. You must make infantry man your heavy guns.


Chief of Staff.

LOUISVILLE, August 2, 1862.

Hon. P. H. WATSON:

There are quite enough horses in Kentucky belonging to rebels to mount my men if I had them together and at the right place. If I could have seized sufficient for the purpose I would not have asked for them. There was an immediate necessity for the horses at Handerson, Ky. I should have used them to seize others, and put down the bands of villians recruiting on the Ohio River. I have over 2,000 cavalry enlisted, but can arm only about 1, 2000. I will have about 3,000 before the close of next week. What shall I do for arms? I have armed all the convalescent and furloughed returning to the regiments, by General Buell's direction.



HEADQUARTERS, Huntsville, August 3, 1862.

Captain BINGHAM, Nashville:

Do not send any more supplies to Stevenson at present. Send to Decherd rapidly.


Chief of Staff.

HEADQUARTERS, Huntsville, August 3, 1862.

General McCOOK:

Describe the position at Jasper for a line covering the roads toward Dechered and the north and for a larger force. Cipher if the operator at Battle Creek has it.


BATTLE CREEK, August 3, 1862.

Major-General BUELL:

I have not been to Jasper. The country about the town is open, cultivated ground, with occasional clumps of trees. The roads leading northward soon enter the mountains. The one direct to Dechered comes this way, turns a spur of the mountain, and crosses Battle Creek. The one to Altamont enters the mountain. Colonel Raulston, whom I send you this evening, can tell you all.