War of the Rebellion: Serial 023 Page 0151 Chapter XXVIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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finally arrange disposition of troops and re-enforcements for General Curtis by to-morrow and to leave Thursday morning, the 17th.



HEADQUARTERS, Huntsville, July 15, 1862.

General HALLECK:

My information up to the night of the 13th from Murfreesborough was that the Ninth Michigan had been captured, but that Colonel Lester's regiment and Hewett's battery were doing well and felt confident of being able to hold out. Re-enforcements were being started from Nashville. It appears that before they arrived Colonel Lester surrendered at 4 o'clock p. m. the same day. I have no particulars, and at present no remarks to make upon what appears now to be a most disgraceful affair; of course it may embarrass me considerably. I have been too busy to counteract it. The words is the interruption of the Chattanooga road, which was just completed. I had taken the precaution to place some twelve regiments on that route until it should be securely established. We will go to work again.


CORINTH, July 5, 1862.

General D. C. BUELL:

I am ordered to Washington and shall leave day after to-morrow (Thursday). Very, sorry, for I can be of more use here than there. As soon as Genera Thomas can get up his supplies he will cross at Decatur to re-enforce you and be replaced by one of General Grant's divisions.

I abandon the road to Memphis and will keep that open to Decatur al long as you may deep it essential. Our lines must be shortened. What more can I do for you?


TANTALON, July 15, 1862.

General D. C. BUELL:

An engine has just returned to this place. It left Tullahoma at 4 o'clock p. m. General Smith at Tullahoma. The enemy have burnt a small bridge this side of Murfreesborough. This news I got from the engineer. The operator will be at Elk River to-morrow as soon as we can have him carried.



TANTALON, July 15, 1862.

General D. C. BUELL:

General Smith passed here on yesterday. I asked if my services were needed, and he says not. He has with him the First Ohio and three battalions of regulars of this brigade. I sent a locomotive toward General Smith this evening, and will reports upon its arrival at this place.