War of the Rebellion: Serial 023 Page 0137 Chapter XXVIII. CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.-UNION.

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STEVENSON, July 13, 1862.

Colonel J. B. FRY:

General Smith is here and going upon trains with five companies of the Twenty-fourth Illinois, and will likely give notice.

Colonel Mihalotzy reports that information has been received that three regiments of cavalry crossed above Chattanooga on Thursday last. He also reports that rebels are crossing at several points above him. I march in the morning at 2 o'clock for Battle Creek.



HEADQUARTERS, Huntsville, July 13, 1862.

General CRITTENDEN, Stevenson:

Get to Battle Creek early. Study well the ground and roads from there. Post your troops judiciously. Be vigilant and gain all the information you can. Economize with your supplies to the last degree. Murfreesborough was attacked this morning by a heavy force of cavalry and it is said with success, threatening Nashville and our communications. Until we are relieved of that danger we must be frugal of our supplies, for we have no stock ahead. Show General Johnson. It is not impossible the enemy may threaten you and you must be prepared at all points.


HEADQUARTERS, Huntsville, July 13, 1862.

General JOHNSON or CRITTENDEN, Stevenson:

It is reported that Starmes with 2,500 cavalry attacked Murfreesborough at daylight this morning and defeated our forces there. Caution all your troops on the line to be on the alert. Inform General Smith, who is on the line north of Stevenson, that he may send word to Tullahoma and elsewhere. If necessary use a special train to send this word along the line to the north.


Chief of Staff.

STEVENSON, July 13, 1862.

Colonel J. B. FRY, Assistant Adjutant-General:

Would is not be well to send the remainder of Rousseau's brigade out on the Nashville road? There of his regiments are on that route. General Crittenden arrived this morning and encamped near me. The road to Nashville open.



HEADQUARTERS, Huntsville, July 13, 1862.

General JOHNSON, Stevenson:

A freight train and an empty train will start to you at 11 o'clock to-night. Send them forward at daylight with the remaining regiment of