War of the Rebellion: Serial 023 Page 0105 Chapter XXVIII. CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.-UNION.

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HEADQUARTERS, Huntsville, July 8, 1862.

Colonel BUCKLEY, Stevenson:

One regiment sent by General Johnson has gone to Bridgeport; one has been ordered to advance and assist the engineers in repairing road north of Stevenson. Stockades are to be built for the defense of every bridge, and the other two regiments will be engaged in this work. Take these two regiments on the cars up to the first break on the Nashville and Chattanooga road, and when there send one regiment to the north as far as Elk River to erect the stockades in that direction, and one back toward Stevenson to erect them in that part of the road. When a stockade is completed a company will be left at it until it is relieved, which will be in a few days, as a regiment (Twenty-fourth Illinois) is designated for that duty. Captain Morton and Captain Bankhead, from this staff, are ordered to superintend the erection of stockades, and will be obeyed accordingly.


HEADQUARTERS, Huntsville, July 8, 1862.

Colonel BUCKLEY, Larkinsville,

(Care of General Johnson):

I telegraphed instructions to you at Stevenson to-day. They are modified as follows, viz: You should leave guards, say one company each, at the bridges as you come to them going north on the cars from Stevenson, so as to make the route safe behind you. Doing this you will probably reach the first back with about twenty-five companies, including the regiment at work with the Engineers. Then work at the stockades as directed in my dispatch and instructions to Captain Morton, who will join you to-morrow.


HEADQUARTERS, Huntsville, July 8, 1862.

Colonel HUNTON,

At Elk River, Pulaski, or Reynolds' Station:

If the work on the railroad can be expedited by it you can divide, your force and I work upon all or several of the bridges at the same time, and call upon General Nelson for additional infantry force. Answer.


Chief of Staff.

HEADQUARTERS ARMY OF THE OHIO, Huntsville, July 8, 1862.

Captain MORTON:

Colonel Buckley, commanding Fifth Brigade, has been ordered to proceed to-day to Stevenson, and will have three regiments under his command. One of these is directed to aid the Engineer Regiment in repairing the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad north of Stevenson.