War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 1079 Chapter XXVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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an attack within a month, and calling for re-enforcements. The great excitement created in Mexico by the arrest on her soil of Colonel Davis, of the Federal Army, and a man named Montgomery, the latter having been hung by our troops, and the ease with which the frontier could have been occupied by the Federals at any other plan the yellow fever season, in the absence of a sufficient force its defense, together with the information conveyed by private letters and the New York papers of as determination by the enemy to occupy it, rendered an attack on the small body of troops here very probable. I therefore ordered heavy re-enforcements, so as to mass about 5,000 men in this region of country, and all but two regiments had arrived when I received intelligence of the movements of Banks into the interior of Louisiana.

Having found on my arrival that the probability of an attack was remote, owing to the approaching yellow-fever season and hearing of the movements of the enemy in Louisiana, I ordered these two regiments to halt, and have since directed 2,000 additional men to march from here for the Louisiana frontier. Brigadier-General Scurry has ordered five regiments, including the two above mentioned, to proceed to Louisiana, which, with the troops sent from here, will make about 5,000 effective men.

I have requested the Governor to call out 5,000 organized militia for service on the coast, in order to relieve several effective regiments now defending it, and hope in six weeks or two months to have about 10,000 good troops in Louisiana. The five regiments ordered by General Scurry will probably be on the Louisiana frontier within a few days. I have also requested the Governor of the State to call out 5,000 additional militia in the northeastern part of the State if he can arm them. Six thousand stand of arms left Havana for us a month ago, but not having arrived, it is feared they are captured.

I am trying to make arrangements for the introduction of arms, so much needed, but have not much confidence in the success of the attempt.

Should it become necessary I will, with the consent of the lieutenant-general commanding the department, call upon the citizens of all classes who are armed to rendezvous at convenient localities, and attach them for temporary service to organization already existing. I will be with the advance of the troops in the east, ready to afford all the assistance in my power to the army in Louisiana, for which purpose I leave here on the 9th instant for Houston.

I have made arrangements to conceal the withdrawal of troops from this frontier, and request that it be kept secret.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding.


Fort Brown, May 7, 1863.

Brigadier-General SCURRY, Commanding, &c.:

SIR: I am instructed by Major-General Magruder to state that he has ordered from this frontier 2,000 troops to Louisiana, which number will be on the march in a very short time.

The Governor has been requested* to call out 5,000 militia, and also 5,000 in addition, if he can arm them by any possibility. Orders have


* By letter of same late, to appear in Series IV.