War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 1011 Chapter XXVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Bar and also the main channel at that point. The obstructions just mentioned are too far from the other fixed batteries to be effectually protected by them.

Battery at Choctaw Point.-This battery is completed and in good order; it month four guns.

Battery at Pinto Island Spit.-This battery now mounts six guns. During the month the two flanks have been extended, and a 10-inch gun has been mounted in each, one bearing directly on the Spanish River channel, the other on Choctaw Pass.

Probable operations of the month of February: Inclosing the rear of the work with 12 by 12 timber, for the purpose of covering it in that direction from boat attack.

Spanish River Battery.-This battery is a casemated battery, covered in front and above with railroad iron; it month six guns in casemate and two in barbette outside. During the month improvements have been made in the interior of this battery. For the ports and braces which supported the roof and limited the traverse of the guns parallel walls of solid timber have been substituted. The guns have been interchanged, to bring the heaviest to bear on the Spanish River channel; several of which were mounted on middle transom pintoes have been changed to front transom. The embrasure can thus be diminished, while the field of fire is actually enlarged.

Probable operations of the month of February: Driving piles to sustain embankment for suitable parapet of two exterior guns, now wholly insufficient.

Inner line of obstructions at Choctaw Pass and Spanish River.-This line will consist of eight rows of piles, placed from 5 to 10 feet apart. Five rows have already been driven from the spit east of Spanish River to the spit at Choctaw Point, leaving openings at the Spanish River and Choctaw Pass Channels to be closed by a raft at each. The piles are cut off below low water. the line is about 400 yards outside of Choctaw Point, Pinto, and Spanish River Batteries.

Probable operations of the month of February: Continuing the piling of this lien to eight rows and cutting of the piles.

Apalachee Battery, at the fork of the apalachee and Blakely Rivers (west side).-This battery is completed and mounts six guns. Neither its plan nor location is thought to be judicious. A strong battery on the head of the island between the two rivers would have commanded both in the most effective manner.

Battery at the head of Apalachee Island, the site mentioned in the last paragraph under the orders of commanding general.-A battery for four guns has been begun at the head of this island, to be armed with the guns from the ship Danube, if others cannot be had. It is placed in a straight line along the exist of the island; has a parapet on each side, and the guns will be mounted on middle transom pintoes so that all of them can fire on eighter channel. Between the guns are melons 3 feet higher than the parapet. The rampart is bomb-roofed for men, stores, and magazine, while the whole is surrounded by a ditch flanked by a stockade under cover of a glacis.

Ship Danube.-This ship being liable to be destroyed by shell thrown low or high, it has been thought best to place her four guns (42-pounders) in the battery last named, unless additional guns can be procured. She is anchored at the Apalachee Battery and is available for service.

Obstructions at the head of Apalachee Island. the barges bringing earth of the battery