War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 1001 Chapter XXVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Abstract from Return of the District of the Gulf, Major General Simon B. Buckner, C. S. Army, commanding, for month of February, 1863.

Command. Effecti- Total. Aggregate Aggrega-

ve te

total. present



General staff. ... ... 13 13

Mackall's division:

Infantry. 2,564 3,052 3,228 3,611

Artillery. 2,692 2,868 3,009 3,372

Cavalry. 571 610 647 978

District East Gulf:

Infantry. 1,208 1,262 1,337 1,499

Artillery. 123 133 138 149

Cavalry. 1,689 1,176 1,224 1,461

Marianna Dragoons. 55 58 61 72

Total. 8,302 9,159 9,657 11,155

Abstract from Return of the District of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, commanded by Major General J. Bankhead Magruder, for February, 1863 (headquarters Houston, Tex.).

Present for duty.

Commanding officer. Total. Officers. Men.

Brigadier General H. P. Western Sub- 151 2,406

Bee. District of


Brigadier General W. R. Eastern Sub- 258 4,024

Scurry. District of


Grand total. ... 409 6,430

Pieces of artillery.

Commanding officer. Heavy. Field. Mounta Aggre- Aggre-

in. gate gate

present present



Brigadier General H. P. 11 23 1 3,014 4,244


Brigadier General W. R. ... ... ... 5,196 7,311


Grand total. 11 23 1 8,210 11,555

NOTE FROM RETURN.-In Western Sub-District no returns received from three companies cavalry, aggregate about 240; and none from two small companies for border defense. In Eastern Sub-District no returns from five regiments cavalry; aggregate about 3,500.


From Liberty up Trinity (near Cosatchie Village), March 2, 1863.

Major-General MAGRUDER,

Commanding District of Texas, &c.:

GENERAL: The defenses of our coast lines from the absorbing thought with me till I think and dream of little else. Do not think me importunate if I repeat to you the same thing in varied forms. I feel great confidence now that no attempt will be made to invade Texas until the coast region shall have dried up to admit of army transportation-say the 1st of May. Meantime of course you will not be idle. But that shall be done and prepare for the defense of the Pass."

Let me suggest the method, and this will appear less objectionable and will meet the difficulties Major Shea presented. For a supply of