War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 0988 W. FLA., S. ALA., S. MISS., LA., TEX., N. MEX. Chapter XXVII.

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by such officer or agent to the nearest camp of instruction, or, if the distance be great, to the nearest military post, unless otherwise ordered from these headquarters.

XIII. No contract based upon the exportation of cotton and made by authority of the War Department or by superior authority to that of the commanding general of this district. No application for the service of conscripts to carry out contracts will hereafter be granted by these headquarters.

XVI. Enrolling officers, beside furnishing a proper return to the commandant of conscript of all thus employed, will forward direct to these headquarters a list of the name and residences of such conscript forthwith and a similar return on the firs of each month.

The commandant of conscript will also forward forthwith direct to these headquarters a return of all the conscripts now in this State, showing number present, employment, and stations, as far as practicable. He will forward a similar return as soon after the first of each month as possible. This is required to enable the commanding general to carry out the instructions of Lieutenant-General Holmes.

XV. All foreigners between the ages of eighteen and forty-five holding any officer or employment connected with the army in Texas, but not in the army or enrolled for service, will be immediately deprived by their employers of such office unless they take the oath of allegiance to the Confederate States and enroll themselves as subject to military duty of furnish able -bodied substitutes not liable to conscription, unless the same shall have been appointed by authority superior to that of these headquarters. XVI. Brigadier-General Scurry, Colonel Bankhead, and Lieutenant-Colonel Buchel, having been directed to carry out the provisions of this order in relation to contracts, permits, and conscripts, will be allowed the services of such officers and detailed clerks as may be necessary, and their decisions will be final on all these subjects confided to them by these orders.

XVII. Colonel Bankhead will appoint a commissioned officer to perform the duty of granting passes for cotton at Eagle Pass in accordance with the provisions of these orders. Brigadier-General Bee will cause proper officers to be stationed at Ringgold Barracks or at Roma and at Fort McIntosh and such other points on the Rio Grande as he may deem necessary to carry into execution the provisions herein made.

XVIII. The operations of the niter bureau are not to be interfered with by this order.

XIX. Lieutenant-Colonel Buchel and the officer appointed by Colonel Bankhead at Eagle Pass and such other officer as General Bee may appoint at intermediated places between Brownsville and Eagle Pass are exclusively charged with the duty of granting passes under the provisions of this order. Should either of these officers become incapacitated from sickness or other causes General Bee will make temporary appointments to supply the vacancy and report the facts to these headquarters.

Brigadier-General Bee, commanding the frontier of Mexico, will enforce a strict compliance of these orders.

XX. The five dollars in coin demanded in exchange for the same amount in Confederate Treasury notes upon each bale of cotton exported is hereby discontinued.

By command of Major General J. Bankhead Magruder:

H. M. STANARD, Aide-de-Camp.