War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 0968 W. FLA., S. ALA., S. MISS., LA., TEX., N. MEX. Chapter XXVII.

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commanding Sibley's brigade, and myself in respect to an allegation made by Major General R. Taylor of the detention of Sibley's brigade in my district. I am prompted to pursue this course, as it is very difficult in times like these for ruth to overtake error.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding.

[Inclosure No. 1.]


Houston, Tex., January 31, 1863.

Brigadier General H. H. SIBLEY, &c., Washington, La.:

GENERAL: The opportune arrival of Captain Harrison has for the first time since the brigade reached Texas enabled the quartermasters of the regiment to pay off the troops and to proceed with efficiency and speed to furnish the transportation and quartermaster's supplies of which the command have been so long destitute.

In previous communications you have been informed of the bankrupt condition of the quartermaster's department, the unpaid, almost unclad, and half-armed condition of the troops, and the absence of those means so essential to the efficiency of the brigade.

When I reached San Antonio in September last, bearing to you from Richmond, Va., the order from the Secretary of War to report your command to Major-General Taylor at Opelousas, La., of September 1 ultimo, I inquired of Captain Harrison as to his ability to furnish us with transportation. He reported his utter inability for the want of funds, and the same destitution existed when I received your subsequent orders to report to your at Richmond, Va.

I used every formal and official influence in my power to get my regiment en route, but without success, as we has no money and the brigade had no credit in this department. Shortly after this came an order countermanding the march to Virginia and direction the brigade to report to Monroe, La. A short time previous to the receipt of the last order I was ordered by Special Orders, No. 28, VI, of November 18, 1862, to report to General Hebert at San Antonio.

Major-General Magruder having assumed command of this department I reported to him at Houston, and on the 1st December last was, by order of General Magruder, during your absence, as senior colonel assigned to the command of the brigade. A few days after this Brigadier -General Scurry reported himself to General Magruder and assumed command. Brigadier-General Scurry issued an order also putting me in command of the brigade, with instructions to report at Monroe, La. He, however, although informed of the destitution of funds and unpaid condition of the men and officers, furnished no means, and I have occasion to believe made no effort to obtain funds. With these orders before me to march to Monroe, La., I applied to Major-General Magruder. He gave to Captain Loebnitz, my quartermaster, on my promise that the loan should be repaid out of the first brigade funds received, a requisition on Major Minter at Sant Antonio for $56,800, which was to pay for forage for one month of over 2,600 horses and mules, extra-service men, teamsters, horse shoeing, &c., and the hire of teams, at a rate not to exceed $20 per day for each wagon and team. He informed me that he did not feel justified on account of the limited funds in hands of the quartermaster to let us have money to purchase the number of wagons and mules and other quartermaster