War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 0925 Chapter XXVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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Austin, January 3, 1863.


Assistant Adjutant-General, Headquarters Houston:

MAJOR: In reply to your favor of 29th ultimo I am directed by the Governor to state that he construed the language of the general's communication of date of 20th December ultimo, to wit -

I have to request that you will call out at once all the militia which the State can possibly arm and cause them to rendezvous at Harrisburg -

to be another and distinct requisition from that of Brigadier General P. O. Hebert, of date November 8, 1862, which is as follows:

I have the honor to call upon you for not less than 5,000 militia soldiers, to serve for three months, unless sooner discharged.

He now understands from your communication of the 29th of December ultimo that the general commanding makes no call at this time for State troops, but that his communication of 20th December referred to the speedy concentration of the troops called out under the requisition of General Hebert at Houston.

I am pleased to inform you that by General Orders, No. 27, from this office, companies as soon as organized are ordered to report to you at the earliest practicable moment.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Adjutant and Inspector General.


Industry, January 3, 1863.


Superintendent of Conscripts, Austin, Tex.:

SIR: In addition to what I have heretofore reported, of date November 28, 1862, and December 25, 1862, I have the honor in this connection to further report that the Germans of my district and of the adjoining counties are in a state of open rebellion to our Government. They are holding meetings almost every day, and held a large meeting, consisting of about 600 persons, on the 31st of December, 1862, in Shelby Prairie, the upper portion of this county, and organized by calling Mr. C. Senman to the chair, and appointed a committee to draught resolution expressive of the sense of the meeting; whereupon the committee recommended that the following resolutions be adopted:

That the chair appoint one man in each beat to return home and call their men together, and then organize instanter into companies of infantry and cavalry, which has been done by electing captains and appointing specified times of drilling, which they have begun already; also keeping a picket guard mounted and armed, to be ready to communicate information to the officers in command.

Said meeting was represented by five counties, to wit: Austin, Washington, Fayette, Lavaca, and Colorado. They were called first by counties. Delegates answered to their names. Then they were called by beats. The following-names persons were present and delivered speeches in said meeting, all of whom were in favor of resistance to the Government and opposed to going into the service in any way: Fr. Mittanck, of New Ulm; F. Hanbold, of New Ulm; --- Hildebrand, of Biegel settlement, Fayette County; H. Zulauf, of New Ulm; --- Suliger,