War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 0858 W. FLA., S. ALA., S. MISS., LA., TEX., N. MEX. Chapter XXVII.

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stated distances along the Atchafalaya River, and will operate on the enemy's gunboats should they attempt to pass up that river.

* * * * * * *

By order of Thomas O. Moore, Governor and commander-in-chief:


Adjutant and Inspector General Louisiana.


San Antonio, Tex., November 8, 1862.

His Excellency F. R. LUBBOCK,

Governor of Texas, Austin, Tex.:

GOVERNOR: The State of Texas is threatened with invasion. The troops I had raised for the defense of the State have been ordered to other fields of action. It becomes necessary to call out a portion of the militia of the State to make such defense as we may. I therefore have the honor to call upon you for not less than 5,000 militia soldiers, to serve for three months unless sooner discharged. The troops to be armed and as far as possible equipped. The troops to go immediately into camp, drilled, and disciplined. To rendezvous as follows: At camp near Hempstead, a force of 2,000; at camp near Houston, 1,000; at camp near Columbus, 1,000; at or near Beaumont 500, and at Goliad 1,000. The troops to be received by companies of not less than 64 privates. Company, battalion, an regimental offices to be elected in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the Army of the Confederate States. Also to authorize Gov. J. R. Baylor, placed in immediate command of the Indian and Northern frontier of the State, to call out from the frontier counties such a force of the militia as he may deem necessary for the defense of that frontier. This call upon you is of course subject to the sanction and approval of Major-General Magruder, who I am officially informed is ordered to relieve me in this command.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Provisional Army.



San Antonio, November 8, 1862.

I. Gov. John R. Baylor is assigned to the immediate command of the northern and Indian frontier of Texas.

II. Gov. John R. Baylor will keep such forces as may be under his command and not needed on the immediate frontier in such a position as o be available to resist invasion from any quarter.

III. Governor Baylor is authorized to employ two or three companies of Chickasaws or Choctaws as spy companies, and such other persons as spies as he may need.

IV. Should the Texas frontier regiment be accepted by the Confederate Government for the war or three years, unless sooner discharged, it will be under the immediate command of Governor Baylor, who will report to Brigadier-General Bee so much of the regiment as can be spared for such service as General Bee may direct.