War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 0829 Chapter XXVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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San Antonio, Tex., October 25, 1862.

Respectfully forwarded to the general commanding for his information, with the request that a copy of the same may be sent to Richmond. The sketch mentioned is inclosed.


Brigadier-General, Provisional Army.


Houston, Tex., October 16 [15], 1862.


Assistant Adjutant-General, &c., San Antonio, Tex.:

I have the honor t inclose to you a letter* from His Excellency the Governor of the State to the general commanding; copy of a communication directed to me by Captain H. S. Lubbock, commanding State steamer Bayou City; copy of my communication in answer thereto; copy of letter written by me to Mr. W. M. Lubbock, in charge of obstructions on the San Jacino. These copies will acquaint the general commanding with my efforts to protect out waters in the East Bay. I ordered Captain Chubb to dismantle the light-houses on Half-Moon Shoal and Red Fish Bar. Both of them have very spacious rooms, in which the enemy might station a lookout and guard to survey the East Bay at a considerable distance. Governor Lubbock has acquainted me with the order rescinding martial law in Texas, which he had our good citizens regret much. I shall carry martial law out, until otherwise instructed, between houston and Fort Hebert. Houston is my base of operations. All supplies and stores are derived from it. I must prevent the demoralizing effect of constant visits of citizens to our troops at Virginia Point. I must guard against spies and the desertion of the means of communication-boats and skiffs. The Governor is disposed to make upon himself the responsibility, but he wishes to confer with the general commanding as to the means of carrying martial law into effect along the coast from Orange to Roma, on the Rio Grande. The whole coast should now be considered as being within our military lines.

Colonel Cook reports to-day (8.25 a. m.) nothing new. He sent last night a strong reconnoitering party to Galveston, under Lieutenant Col. J. J. Myers, of Debray's regiment, but the Federals had landed no forces. Please find herewith a plan* of Fort Hebert, with increased armament. No changes have been made at Eagle Grove. I send also a chart* of Galveston Bay, on which the light-houses at Red Fist Bar and Half-Moon Shoal are marked with the pencil. I know little as yet of the working of the system of scouts along the coast. I shall send Lieutenant-Colonel Myers to inspect and link together the scouting parties from Fort Hebert down to Trespalacios Bay. Major Menard is now stationing the pickets and organizing scouts Lynchburg to Sabine Pass. The people on the coast seem to be anxious to assist.


*Not found.