War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 0796 Chapter XXVII. W. FLA., S. ALA., S. MISS., LA., TEX., N. MEX.

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declared his intention, if the firing on his vessels be repeated, to complete the destruction of the town to lay waste the whole neighboring coast, a threat which this committee believes he will most assuredly carry into effect; and whereas, whilst the people of the said parishes disclaim any intention to question any policy which the Government may deem it advisable to pursue in the prosecution of the war within the limits of the said parishes, and they are willing to make, as they nave already made, every personal sacrifice for the common defence, they humbly conceive at the same time, with due deference to the opinion of those in authority, at the firing upon and destroying a few unarmed boats (for hitherto no armed vessels have been assailed) can be productive of no results which would justify the jeopardizing the lives and the total destruction of the property of our own people and the demoralizing of our servile population, a result which they consider inevitable if that course be persisted in. They conceive that so long as the enemy with his immense fleet possesses exclusively the whole of the river, embracing the lower coast, any attempt to molest him from its banks, unless systematically and efficiently, must necessarily prove utterly fruitless, whilst the enemy's ability to retaliate exposes riparian estates to utter destruction and ruin: Be it therefore

Resolved, That a comminute, composed of the following gentlemen, viz., Hon. A. Duffel, Hon. St. m. Berault, Aristide Landry, Trusemon Landry, Captain Camille Mire, and Emile Lengendre be, and they are hereby, appointed to wait upon His Excellency Governor Moore, in person, and to submit to him he proceedings and resolutions of this meeting; and the said committee is hereby authorized to explain verbally to His Excellency the Governor the true object of this meeting, and to use avert the evil now impending over the good and loyal people of these parishes.

Respectfully submitted.

JOHN H. ILSLEY, Chairman.





On motion,

Resolved, That the report and resolution of the committee be, and the same are hereby, fully by this meeting.



SAINT JAMES, August 11, 1862.


To the People of Donaldsoville, La.:

Every time my boats are fired upon I will burn a portion of your town.




HDQRS. LOUISIANA MILITIA, ADJT. GENERAL'S OFFICE, No. 810. Opelousas, August 12, 1862.

I. The Militia now in actual service at Camp Pratt will remain in