War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 0781 Chapter XXVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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XII. The following persons are by law exempt from conscription:

1st. Officers and enlisted men of the Confederate service; but employes of Department who have not been sworn in as officers of soldiers are not exempt.

2nd. Judicial and executive officers of the State or Confederate Government.

3rd. Members of the Confederate Congress and of the State Legislatures and their respective officers.

4th. Clerks of Confederate or State officers allowed by law.

5th. Person actually engaged in carrying the mails.

6th. One ferryman at each ferry on every post-route.

7th. Pilots and persons in the marine service of the Confederate States and those actual service on river and railroad routes of transportation.

8th. Person actually engaged in working iron mines, furnaces, and foundries.

9th. Journeymen printers actually engaged in printing newspapers.

10th. President of colleges and academies and teachers having as many as twenty pupils.

11th. Ministers of religion in the regular discharge of their ministerial duties.

12th. Telegraphed operators actually employed as such.

13th. Superintendents of public hospitals and lunatic asylum and the regular nurses and attendants therein, and the teachers employed in institutions for the deaf and dumb and the blind.

14th. In each apothecary store one apothecary in good standing who is a practical druggist.

15th. Where application is made, accompanied by reliable testimony as to the facts, the major-general commanding will exempt persons actually engaged in the manufacture wool, cotton, arms, powder, salt, leather breadstuffs, and army clothing or equipments, and overseer upon plantations owned by widows or minors or by officers or soldiers or soldiers in the Confederate service, when there is no other white male person on such plantation capable of managing the same: Provided, [that] such plantations have been planted in grain and not more cotton than the law allows, and not less than ten negro men on the place.

16th. Person physically disabled for service according to the Army Regulations: Provided, that when any person shall claim exemption on that ground a practicing physician in good standing, whose character as such shall be certified to by the clerk of the proper country, under his seal of office, shall to the fact of such disability, and such certificate shall be verified by the oath of the physician giving it. Peson claiming exemption because of physical disability shall be examined by the physician on the presence of the proper enrolling officer, to whom the certificate of disability shall be delivered. The proper enrolling officer will, when satisfied that any person is exempt from conscription as above, give him a certificate of the fact, setting forth the grounds of exemption, &c.

By order of Major-General Hindman:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Little Rock, Ark,m June 2, 1862.

It being essential that but one military organization shall exist within the Trans-Mississippi District, all Arkansas State troops are hereby