War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 0780 Chapter XXVII. W. FLA., S. ALA., S. MISS., LA., TEX., N. MEX.

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[Inclosure No. 1.]


HDQRS. TRANS-MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT, No. 2. Little Rock, Ark., June 2, 1862.

I. Separate military organizations cannot exist in the same jurisdiction without causing confusion and provoking dissensions; therefore, the State authorities consenting, there will hereafter be no State forces within this district. No additional force of mounted men will received, unless raised under special authority from the major-general commanding or organization with his approval.

II. All white male persons between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five years who may reside or be at this date within the limits of the State of Arkansas must enroll themselves as members of volunteer infantry companies for the Confederate service for the term of during the war on or before the 20th day of this month.

III. Each infantry company consist of not less than 100 nor more than 125 rank and file: Provided, that where the company or companies in any country are full fractional numbers of men therein embraced within this order must be attached for the time being to such company or companies.

IV. Companies formed before the 20th day of this month may elect their own officers, but such election will be annulled and officers appointed unless the captain or one of the lieutenants shall report in person at there headquarters with a correct list of the names and residence of the mentors of the company on or before the 20th day of this month.

V. All person embraced within this order who shall fail to enroll themselves as members of an infantry company on or before the 20th day of this month, or who shall at any time before that day manifest an intention to evade the requirements of this order by concealing themselves or departing or attempting to depart from the country in which they now are of from the State, must be enrolled as conscripts, and held as such by the captain or member of any such company or by any Confederate or State officer.

VI. Any member of an infantry company, whether voluntarily enrolled or taken as a conscript, who shall absent himself from the country in which he was enrolled without leave in writing from his captain shall be deemed a deserter and punished as such under the Rules and Articles of War. Captains must not grant leaves for a longer period then five days without special authority from these headquarters.,

VII. Infantry companies formed under this order will be organized into regiments or battalion by persons hereafter to be designated for that purpose.

VIII. The field and staff officers of all infantry regiments and battalion organization under this order will be appointed; vacancies in company officers will be filled in like manner. Inefficient officers of all grades, whether elected or appointed, will be summarily dismissed from the service or reduced to the ranks, at the option of the major-general commanding, and meritorious soldiers promoted in their stead.

IX. Person not within the ages of conscription who have heretofore enrolled themselves under the late proclamation [following] of Governor Rector will be discharged upon application forwarded by their commanding officers.

X. Substitutes will not in any case be accept.

XI. Enrolling officers heretofore appointed will continue to exercise their function as such and are charged with the duty of aiding in the due execution of this order.