War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 0772 Chapter XXVII. W. FLA., S. ALA., S. MISS., LA., TEX., N. MEX.

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for such action. It is not intended to interfere with courts, either civil or criminal, except so far as they my come in conflict with military orders.

That "private interests must be subservient to the public good" is an old and respected maxim, and the loyal and intelligent will yield a willing obedience to the military mandate based thereon. The general commanding confidently calls upon all officers, both civil and military as also the citizens generally, to co-operate with and sustain him in all things necessary for the defense of the country.

Disloyalty must and will not be countenanced. The credit of the Government must be sustained. The seeds of dissension and dissatisfaction shall not be sown among the troops. Speculations and extortion upon soldiers and citizens will not be tolerated; and to these ends the general commanding orders:

I. Any person who shall trade or attempt to trade with the enemy under any pretense whatsoever, or who shall give any signal to or in any manner hold communication with the enemy for the purpose of giving information concerning the Confederate forces, or shall pass into his camp or through his lines without a passport from the proper authority, shall suffer death.

II. Any person who shall refuse to receive Confederate money, or shall do or say or write anything calculated to depreciate the same, shall be subject to fine imprisonment or confiscation of property, either or both, as the nature of the case may indicate.

III. The publication of any article in the newspapers in reference to the movements of the troops is prohibited, and if the editor or proprietor of any newspaper published in any of the counties herein before designates shall publish any editorial article or copy into his paper any article or paragraph calculated to impair confidence in any of the commanding officers whom the President may see fit to place over the troops, such editor or proprietor shall be subject to fine and imprisonment, and the publication of the paper shall be thereafter suspended.

IV. The asking of exorbitant prices for goods or the commodities of life, such as would indicate a want of confidence in Confederate money, of the bartering of or offering to barter goods at 'low prices" for the commodities of life, is prohibited, and any person of offending shall be subject to fine and imprisonment or confiscation of property, either or both, as the nature of the case may indicate.

V. Provost-marshals with be appointed for each of the counties in which none have been appointed. The appointments heretofore made are confirmed until further orders.

VI. Col. Fred. Tate, provost-marshal general of the department in charge with the execution of the above order, and local provost-marshal will report to him weekly all proceedings had before them.

By ordered of Major General E. Van Dorn:


Major and Assistant Adjutant-General.



The Governor and commander-in-chief has been informed that parties in Calcasieu and Vermillion Parishes have refused and do refuse to receive in payment the notes of this State and also of the Confederate States, and that one Bertrand, residing in Grand Chenier, and one Corso, on Lake Charles, in the parish of Vermillion, have positively refused