War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 0750 W. FLA., S. ALA., S. MISS., LA., TEX., N. MEX. Chapter

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the Navy, as well as the public, have gratuitously concluded that the vessel was much more nearly ready than it is. I blame no one, but the thing is unaccountable in any honest or patriotic view. Thanks to the patriotism of the noble people of Yazoo City I shall not need the guard that I asked for. The citizens here, though but a handful are at home from the Army, will sustain me so long as I shall deserve their support.

There is a raft across the Yazoo River 22 miles below this point. Two heavy and two light guns are there in position, I understand, but no men to work them. I have sent the Mobile gunboat to the raft to make the best defense possible should the enemy there appear.

I am, very respectfully, yours,


Lieutenant, C. S. Navy.



Opelousas, June 4, 1862.

I. It having come to the knowledge of the Governor, commander-in-chief, that the sum of six hundred and fifty thousand dollars in specie, said to belong to the Bank of America or other banks of New Orleans, is now under the charge of A. Fortier, esq., cashier, on its way from Alexandria or Marksville to New Orleans by steamboat, Lieutenant Col. W. F. Cheney, of the parish of Avoyelles, will cause the seizure of said specie on board of any boat or in whatever place it may be found, and prohibit the same from being taken to New Orleans. He will place a guard over it and order it to be taken to the place from whence it came or to some safe place in the interior.

II. Lieutenant-Colonel Cheney will not permit the shipment of any piece whatever from any point in the parish of Avoyelles to New Orleans, except by special permit from the Governor, commander-in-chief.

By order of Thos. O. Moore, Governor and commander-in-chief:


Adjutant and Inspector General.

(Similar orders (No. 637 (to Col. T. D. Martin and Lieutenant Col. M. R. Ariail, of the parish of Rapides.)

RICHMOND, VA., June 5, 1862.

Major-General LOVELL, Jackson, Miss.:

You will send a flag of truce to General Butler and inform him that you have heard that he has put prominent citizens of New Orleans to labor with ball and chain. Say to him that we shall retaliate if such be the fact, but will wait for a contradiction if he thinks fit to make it.


Secretary of War.

RICHMOND, VA., June 6, 1862.

Major-General LOVELL, Jackson, Miss.:

When you send the flag of truce to General Butler, for the purpose indicated in my telegram of yesterday, you will also inquire of him if