War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 0725 Chapter XXVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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Abstract from Tri Monthly Return of the Department of New Mexico, Brigadier General James H. Carleton commanding, for May 10, 1863 (headquarters Santa Fe, N. Mex.).

Present for duty.

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Department staff. 9 --- 9 9

Headquarters Department of New 3 --- 3 4

Mexico, Brigadier General J. H.


Fort Marcy, N. Mex., Captain H. 6 68 104 114

R. Selden, 5th Infantry, U. S.

Army: Companies D and F, 5th


Fort Union, N. Mex., Captain P. 12 227 409 461

W. L. Plympton, 7th U. S.

Infantry: Companies C, F, H,

7th Infantry; I, K, L, M, 1st

New Mexico Volunteers.

Fort Union Depot, N. Mex., --- 15 15 15

Captain W. R. Shoemaker, M. S.

K.: Company of ordnance.

Fort Sumter, N. Mex., Captain 4 47 112 144

Jos. Updegraff, 5th U. S.

Infantry: Companies A, 5th

Infantry; B, 2nd Cavalry,

California Volunteers; G, 1st

Cavalry, U. S. Army.

Fort Stanton, N. Mex., Major 5 75 100 156

Jos. Smith, 5th Infantry,

California Volunteers:

Companies A, 5th Infantry,

California Volunteers; A, 1st

New Mexico Volunteers.

Fort Wingate, N. Mex., Lieutenant 9 210 315 346

Col. J. F. Chaves, 1st New

Mexico Volunteers: Companies

B, C, E, F, 1st Mexico


Albuquerque, N. Mex., Captain W. 7 110 165 182

H. Lewis, 5th Infantry, U. S.

Army: Companies B, G, K, 5th

Infantry; A, 3rd U. S.


Los Pinos, N. Mex., Captain 6 50 83 99

Samuel Archer, 5th Infantry,

U. S. Army: Companies E and I,

5th Infantry.

Camp Easton, N. Mex., First 1 33 38 46

Lieutenant David Perry, 1st U. S.

Cavalry: Company D, 1st U. S.


Fort Craig, N. Mex., Col. 14 392 458 518

Edwin A. Rigg, 1st Infantry,

California Volunteers; 1st and

5th Infantry and 1st Cavalry,

California Volunteers.

Hart's Mill, Tex., Lieutenant Col. 6 188 228 243

William McMullen, 1st

Infantry, California

Volunteers: Companies C, G, H,

1st Infantry, California


Fort West, N. Mex., Major 11 260 301 301

William McCleave, 1st Cavalry,

California Volunteers:

Companies D, B, 1st Infantry,

and A, B, D, 1st Cavalry,

California Volunteers.

Fort Bowie, Ariz., Lieutenant John 2 49 74 84

F. Qualey, 5th Infantry,

California Volunteers: Company

E, 5th Infantry, California


Tucson, Ariz., Col. David 8 109 166 218

Fergusson, 1st Cavalry,

California Volunteers:

Companies C, F, H, 5th

Infantry, California


Las Cruces, N. Mex., Major E. 6 67 97 168

B. Willis, 1st Infantry,

California Volunteers:

Companies A, 1st Infantry, and

E, 1st Cavalry.

En route,-: Companies G and H, 7 182 189 189

1st New Mexico Volunteers.

Total. 116 2.082 2.866 3.297

WASHINGTON, D. C., May 11, 1863.

Major-General BANKS, Comdg. Dept. of the Gulf:

GENERAL: The President and Secretary of War have read your dispatch No. 11, of April 23, with great satisfaction. The operations of your army have been truly brilliant and merit high praise.

The Quartermaster-General has sent you additional steam transportation to supply your present wants, and it is hoped you will unite with General Grant so as to attack Vicksburg and Port Hudson separately.

If within your power to operate between the two places, and with your combined strength to attack a divided enemy, your success will be almost certain. By attacking Port Hudson from below or Vicksburg from above you enable the enemy to unite his forces upon the point attacked.

General Hooker failed to accomplish his object south of the Rapahannock through the bad conduct of one of his corps and crossed to the north side without any disaster. The loss of the enemy was very much greater than ours.