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Abstract from Return of the Department of the Gulf, Nineteenth Army Corps, Major General N. P. Banks commanding, for the month of April, 1863 (headquarters Opelousas, La.).

Present for duty.

Command. Officers Men. Aggregat

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Opelousas, La., Brigadier General C. 5 --- 5

Grover, Fourth Division.

Infantry. 235 4.731 5.511

Artillery. 9 322 352

Total. 249 5.053 5.868

Opelousas, La., Brigadier General G. 10 --- 10

Weitzel, Second Brigade, First


Infantry. 157 4.014 4.933

Cavalry. 6 229 266

Artillery. 7 272 301

Total. 180 4.515 5.510

District of Pensacola, Fla., 80 1.437 1.872

Col. W. C. Holbrook's command.

Ship Island, Miss., Col. N. W. 22 502 637

Daniels, 2nd Louisiana Native


Key West of Tortugas, Brigadier General --- --- 1.512

D. P. Wodbury's command.

Total infantry. 1.424 31.880 42.252

Total cavalry. 33 697 815

Total artillery. 56 1.510 1.712

Grand total. 538 34.087 44.832

Command. Aggregat Aggregat

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present present

and and

absent. absent

at last



Opelousas, La., Brigadier General C. Grover, 5 5

Fourth Division.

Infantry. 9.387 9.598

Artillery. 418 406

Total. 9.810 10.009

Opelousas, La., Brigadier General G. Weitzel, 10 10

Second Brigade, First Division.

Infantry. 5.721 5.721

Cavalry. 297 297

Artillery. 371 371

Total. 6.399 6.399

District of Pensacola, Fla., Col. W. C. 1.945 2.025

Holbrook's command.

Ship Island, Miss., Col. N. W. Daniels, 2nd 679 679

Louisiana Native Guards.

Key West of Tortugas, Brigadier General D. P. 1.565 ---

Wodbury's command.

Total infantry. 51.892 ---

Total cavalry. 1.113 ---

Total artillery. 2.151 ---

Grand total. 55.229 54.339

REMARKS.- Headquarters moved from New Orleans on the 8th of April en route for Brashear City; moved from Brashear City en route for Opelousas; arrived at Opelousas April 20.

Organization of the troops in the Department of the Gulf (Nineteenth Army Corps), Major General Nathaniel P. Banks, U. S. Army, commanding, April 30, 1863; headquarters Opelousas, La.



First Brigade.


21st Maine, Col. Elijah D. Johnson.

48th Massachusetts, Col. Eben F. Stone.

49th Massachusetts, Col. Wm. F. Bartlett.

116th New York, Major George M. Love.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General GODFREY WEITZEL.

12th Connecticut, Lieutenant Col. Frank H. Peck.

75th New York, Lieutenant Col. Willoughby Babcock.

114th New York, Lieutenant Col. Samuel R. Per Lee.

160th New York, Lieutenant Col. John B. Van Petten.

8th Vermont, Col. Stephen Thomas.

Attached to Second Brigade.

1st Louisiana Cavalry, Companies A and B, Captain H. F. Williamson.

2nd Massachusetts Cavalry Battalion, Company B, Captain F. Williamson.

1st Maine Battery, Lieutenant John E. Morton.

6th Massachusetts Battery, Lieutenant John F. Phelps.

1st U. S. Artillery, Battery A, Captain E. C. Bainbridge.

Third Brigade.


2nd Louisiana, Col. Charles I. Paine.

30th Massachusetts, Lieutenant Col. William W. Bullock.

50th Massachusetts, Col. C. P. Messer.

161st New York, Col. Gabriel T. Harrower.

174th New York, Major George Keating.


*The divisions were numbered as herein indicated January 14, 1863, and the batteries were assigned January 17, 1863.