War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 0617 Chapter XXVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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Tangipahoa, December 13, 1862

By virtue of the authority granted to me by the Hon. James A. Seddon, Secretary of War of the Confederate States, for the purpose of introducing salt to supply the want os the people of Louisiana with this collection district permission is hereby granted to Leon Prevost, a subject to export from this district, 100 bales of cotton, under the following terms and conditions, viz; That the export duties provided by law shall be paid; that the cotton shall be exported to England, France, or Spain and consular certificates under consular seal furnished to this office that said cotton had or would be exported that said cotton nor any portion should be sold, exported, or used in any part of or by any citizen of the United States, and that for the privilege of so exporting the said Leon Prevost hereby binds himself and agrees for each and every bale of cotton so exported from this district to bring to an accessible point within this district 20 bags of salt of at least 200 pounds' weight to be disposed of at such points, in such quantities, at public auction or otherwise as the collector of this district may direct, said salt to be delivered within sixty days from the date of export of said cotton; and to secure the faithful performance of this agreement the said Leon Prevost has deposited in this office the sum of $5,000 or $50 a bale, which if the agreement is faithfully performed shall be returned to him, and if not shall be forfeited.

This agreement signed in duplicate this day.





I, George Leary, a subject of the Queen of England, hereby agree and bind myself to deliver at Ponchatoula, in the State of Louisiana, to agents to be appointed by the Governor of the State of Mississippi, 20,000 sacks of Liverpool salt, of good qualities, averaging 200 pounds to the sack in consideration that the said agents shall deliver to me or my agents at Ponchatoula cotton of middling quality in exchange, at the rate of 400 pounds of cotton for 20 sacks of salt, the salt in all cases to be first delivered before the delivery of the corresponding amount of cotton; and I bind myself that the cotton so delivered shall be shipped on foreign account to England, France, or Spain, and shall not be sold to the Government of the United States or the citizens thereof or to be consumed or manufactured therein; and before the shipment of the cotton aforesaid I will procure of the proper consul at New Orleans under the consular seal, that the cotton so received at Ponchatoula is to be shipped on foreign account to England, France, or Spain, and exhibit the said declaration to the collector of the Confederate States at Ponchatoula, the Governor agreeing on his part to procure the proper license to ship said cotton from the proper authorities of the Confederate States.

Signed in Jackson this 6th day of December, A. D. 1862.



Agent and Attorney-in-fact.


Governor of Mississippi.