War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 0576 W. FLA.,S. ALA.,S. MISS.,LA.,TEX.,N. MEX. Chapter XXVII.

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make such returns or making a false return shall be punished by fine or imprisonment with hard labor or both.

Each policeman will within his beat be held responsible that every householder failing to make such return within three days from the 1st of October is reported to the provost-marshal, and five dollars for such neglect for every day in which it is not reported will be deducted from such policeman's pay and he shall be dismissed; and a like sum for conviction of any householder not making his or her return shall be paid to the policeman reporting such householder.

Every person who shall in good faith renew his or her allegiance to the United States previous to the 1st day of October next and shall remain truly loyal will be recommended to the President for pardon for his or her previous offenses.

By command of Major-General Butler.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF NEW MEXICO, Santa Fe, N. Mex., September 30, 1862.

Brigadier General LORENZO THOMAS,

Adjutant-General U. S. Army, Washington, D. C.:

GENERAL: I have the honor to inform you that I relieved General Canby in the command of this department on the 18th instant and he left this city for Washington, D. C., four days afterward. I find that during the raid which was made into this Territory by some armed men from Texas, under Brigadier-General Sibley, of the Army of the so-called Confederate States, the Indians, aware that the attention of our troops could not for the time be turned toward them, commenced robbing the inhabitants of their stock and killed in various places a great number of people. The Navajoes, on the western side, and the Mescalero Apaches, on the eastern side of the settlements, both committing these outrages at the same time and during the last year that has passed, have left the people greatly impoverished. Many farms and settlements near Fort Stanton have been entirely abandoned. To punish and control the Mescaleros I have ordered Fort Stanton to be reoccupied. That post is in the heart of their country, and hitherto, when troops occupied it, those Indians were at peace. I have sent Col. Christopher Carson (Kit Carson), with five companies of his regiment of New Mexican Volunteers, to Fort Stanton. One of these companies on foot will hold the post and guard the stores, while four companies mounted, under Carson, will operate against the Indians until they have been punished for their recent aggressions.

The lieutenant-colonel, with four companies of the same regiment, will move into the Navajo country, and establish and garrison a post on the Galto, which was selected by General Canby; it is called Fort Wingate. I shall endeavor to have this force, assisted by some militia which have been called out by the Governor of the Territory, perform such service among the Navajoes as will bring them to feel that they have been doing wrong. The small posts at Gallisteo, Los Lunas, Polvadero, and Cubero have been broken up, and their garrisons go to make up those of Fort Stanton and Fort Wingate.

Light Company A, Third U. S. Artillery, with its small battery of two howitzers and two 6-pounder guns, will, together with two companies of Fifth U. S. Infantry, be at Albuquerque. Six other companies of the Fifth will be at Peralta, 20 miles below Albuquerque.