War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 0218 W.FLA.,S.ALA.,S.MISS.,LA., TEX.,N.MEX. Chapter XXVII.

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President the conduct of Governor J. R. Baylor, of Arizona, who, though not in command of any troops nor attached to any staff, was conspicuous for his gallant conduct a a private, serving the guns during the hottest of the fire, and with his coat off working to place them in position during the night.

Lieutenant-Colonel Manly sustained the operations from Virginia Point with great ability and activity. Captain [W. J.] Pendleton, acting aide-de-camp, who accompanied the troops, proved himself to be an officer of very remarkable ability, energy, and devotion. Captain Stoy, assistant quartermaster, is also deserving of high commendation. Major J. B. Eustis, acting ordnance officer on my staff, assisted by LieutenantM. Hughes, of the artillery, performed admirably his difficult and important duties in the preparation for the attack. The former by my order remained in charge of his depot at Virginia Point, while the latter discharged gallantly his duties on the field. I likewise take pleasure in recognizing the efficient and gallant services of major [O. M.] Watkins, in charge of conscript business, on my staff; of Colonel [C. G.] Forshey, of the Engineer Corps; of CaptainH. Pendleton, assistant quartermaster, who accompanied me to the front; and of Major [E. B.] Pendleton, chief commissary, on my staff, who discharged his important duties with gallant ability.

Lieutenants Stringfellow, Jones, and Hill, of the artillery, behaved with remarkable gallantry during the engagement, each of them volunteering to take charge of guns and personally directing the fire after the officers originally in charge of them had been wounded.

It would be improper to close this report without directing the particular attention of the Government to invaluable services rendered by Major B. Bloomfield, quartermaster, of my staff, and by Captain [E. C.] Wharton, assistant quartermaster at Houston. these officers, by their intelligence, energy, and activity proved themselves fully adequate to all the demands made upon them in the preparation of the means appropriate to their department, and contributed materially to the successful result of the expedition. Nor should I here omit to mention Captain [W. S.] Good, in command of ordnance. I commend him especially to the Chief of Ordnance and to the consideration of His Excellency the President.

Besides the names mentioned above I would call attention to the names of the officers and men reported by their respective commanding officers to have distinguished themselves by gallant and meritorious services. As it would have been imprudent to give full warning to the inhabitants of Galveston of my imprudent to attack the Federal fleet, lest information of the design might reach the enemy, as soon as the head of our column entered the suburbs of the town I directed the ambulances, in charge of one of my staff officers, to proceed to the Convent of Ursuline Nuns near that point, and place the conveyances at their disposal for their immediate removal to the houses provided for them. I also in like manner informed the foreign consuls and the mayor of the contemplated attack, and gave them time to move their families and the citizens most exposed to a place of safety. The noble women of the convent, while recognizing the courtesy extended to them, expressed a preference to remain and nurse the wounded, offering their building as a hospital. Many of the inhabitants left the houses most exposed to the enemy's fire, and I am happy to state that although many edifices were much injured and the town riddled by balls no casualty occurred among the citizens. The wounded of the enemy were conducted to the same hospital, and the same attentions were bestowed on them as if