War of the Rebellion: Serial 021 Page 0094 W. FLA., S. ALA., S. MISS., LA., TEX., N. MEX. Chapter XXVII.

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ing; Seventh Kentucky, Col. Edward Crossland, commanding; Thirty-fifth Alabama, Col. J. W. Cofer commanding. As soon as the line was established the command forward was given by General Ruggles in person, which was promptly obeyed by the brigade moving forward beyond the dwelling house immediately to the front. The line was at this time found to be somewhat deranged, caused by the numerous fences and outhouses over and around which the troops had to pass. The brigade was consequently halted and the alignment rectified, when the command forward was again given. The brigade moved directly to the front parallel to the main road, preceded by a company of sharpshooters, deployed as skirmishers, and commanded by Lieutenant G. C. Hubbard. At this point the firing commenced first. The line of the enemy having been unmasked by the skirmishers, the firing was continued but a short time, when an order was received for the brigade to charge, and the troops rushed forward with a cheer, the enemy breaking before them. Having reached the middle of the field the brigade was exposed to a fire from the right, which could not be returned without exposing the troops of General Clark's division to the fire of the brigade, and was consequently halted until the firing ceased. An advance was made, skirmishers covering the front. The second line of the enemy was thus unmasked before the steady advance of our troops. On clearing the fields and reaching the enemy's encampment the right wing was found to be covered by a portion of General Clark's division. An officer approached from the right and stated that friends were exposed to our fire, when the firing ceased and a charge was immediately ordered by Colonel Thompson, he leading the brigade into the encampment of the enemy to the left, which was nearly cleared by this brigade, when troops were met on the right retiring without any apparent cause, and were ordered by Colonel Thompson to halt and advance, when a mounted officer informed Colonel Thompson that it was the order for all the troops to fall back. This movement became general in the brigade. In retiring the Thirty-fifth Alabama and Sixth Kentucky, forming the left wing, became separated from the right, and occupied a position in line 100 yards to the left and rear. The enemy reformed in heavy force behind their tents, rapidly advanced, firing and cheering. The Third and Seventh Kentucky Regiments were thrown under cover and met this advance with a steady fire. The Thirty-fifth Alabama and Sixth Kentucky were ordered forward, but advanced before the order reached them, opening a heavy fire on the enemy, whose advance was thus checked. At this point Colonel Thompson was severely wounded and taken to the rear.

The command devolving upon Colonel Robertson, who being from complete exhaustion in no condition at that time to assume command, finding the right wing separated from the left, placed Colonel Crossland in command of the right and Lieutenant Col. E. Goodwin in command of the left, with orders to maintain the line, which was firmly held for nearly an hour in the face of a terrible fire from musketry and artillery, when the charge which closed the action was made in person by the major-general commanding.

It is the request of Colonel Thompson that his entire approbation of the conduct of all the field and acting field officers engaged, and Captain W. P. Wallace and Lieutenant Charles Semple, aides, and Acting Adjt. R. B. L. Sorey, of the Third Kentucky, be especially expressed in this report. To the deportment of the Thirty-fifth Alabama Regiment he desires attention to be called. This regiment, although for the first