War of the Rebellion: Serial 020 Page 0874 COASTS OF S. C., GA., AND MID. AND EAST FLA. Chapter XXVI.

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Cremaillere line:

Salient Numbers 1.- One 32-pounder carronade.

Salient Numbers 2.- One 42-pounder carronade.

Salient Numbers 3.- One 24-pounder howitzer flank, casemate.

Salient Numbers 4.

Salient Numbers 5.

Salient Numbers 6.

Salient Numbers 7.- One 32-pounder, long, barbette.

Salient Numbers 8.- One 30-pounder, barbette.

Salient Numbers 9.- One 30-pounder, barbette.

Fort Brown.- Three 32-pounder, short navy, siege; two 12-pounder howitzers, iron, field; one 32-pounder, short navy, barbette; two 3-inch rifles, iron, field; one 30-pounder, barbette; three 6-pounder guns, bronze, field; one 18-pounder, barbette.

Fort Boggs.- Two 10-inch mortars; one 24-pounder howitzer, field, iron; two 12-pounder howitzers, field, iron; seven 32-pounder long naval guns, old pattern; three 32-pounder long naval guns, new pattern; three 3-inch rifle guns, field, iron; two 6-pounder guns, field, bronze.


Savannah, March 17, 1863.

The foregoing is a list of all the ordnance in position in this military district, but does not include the seven light batteries nor the guns in store, which are all field pieces I believe, and few in number. I would particularly call attention to the fact that there are but five 10-inch columbiads and thirteen 8-inch columbiads in this district, while there are fourteen heavy batteries.

Respectfully submitted.


First Lieutenant Artillery and Ordnance Officer.

[Appendix B.]

SAVANNAH DEPOT, March 19, 1863.

One 24-pounder iron howitzer, from Richmond; two 24-pounder iron howitzers, from Charleston; one 24-pounder iron gun, from Charleston; one 8-inch siege howitzer, from Richmond; two 8-inch siege howitzers, from Macon; two 32-pounder guns, from Green Pond, S. C.; three 10-inch mortars, cast here; tow 10-inch mortars, from Charleston; one 12-pounder iron gun, rifled and banded, from Richmond; one 12-pounder State rifle, banded, from Richmond; two 32-pounder carronades, from Charleston; two 42-pounder carronades, from Charleston; one 24-pounder iron gun, rifled, from Atlanta, banded here; two 24-pounder iron guns, rifled and banded, from Charleston; two 24-pounder iron guns, rifled, from Charleston; one 15-inch stone mortar, cast here; one 10-pounder Parrott gun, from Richmond; one 20-pounder Parrot gun, from Charleston; one 8-inch naval columbiad, from Charleston; one 8-inch naval columbiad, from the Navy here; two 6-pounder rifled guns, "Cameron," from Charleston; two 4-inch rifled steel guns, from Charleston; two 3 1/4-inch rifled steel guns, from Charleston-total, thirty-six.

The above is a list of the guns received here since the 1st June, 1862.


First Lieutenant Artillery and Ordnance.