War of the Rebellion: Serial 020 Page 0870 COASTS OF S. C., GA., AND MID. AND EAST FLA. Chapter XXVI.

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the same number of guns of heavier caliber, and that twenty heavy guns be added thereto, and refer to Appendix C, a tabular statement of guns in position an recommended.

The board most earnestly call attention to the fact, as shown in Appendix C, that these are but twenty-eight guns in the exterior line of river defense, and of these eleven only are heavy guns.

The board also call particular attention to the insufficient armament of Fort Boggs, a most important work in the interior line of the river defenses, and the urgent necessity for the seven heavy guns recommended.

Should the guns called for be furnished, the guns they replace could be transferred to the city lines and interior lines of defense.

2nd. The board report that since the 1st June, 1862, Brigadier-General Mercer called for forty-six pieces of heavy ordnance; General Beauregard reported as necessary twenty-five pieces of heavy ordnance, and Captain McCrady recommended as necessary thirty-six pieces of heavy ordnance.

The board report as received since 1st June, 1862, six pieces of heavy ordnance.

The board refer to Appendix D, a tabular statement of heavy ordnance called for and supplied since June 1, 1862.

3rd. The board report as necessary to complete the armament of works constructed and under construction that the batteries for the defense of the Savannah River be increased and strengthened, as stated under first point. That in the batteries at Fort Bartow, Greenwich, Thunderbolt, Beaulieu, Rosedew, Fort McAllister, and the city lines, exclusive of Fort Boggs, thirty-three guns now in position be replaced by twenty-eight guns of heavier caliber and five mortars, and thirty guns of heavy caliber and two mortars be added thereto.

The board report as necessary for the armament of works ordered fifty-one guns of heavy caliber.

The board recommend in the strongest terms that the armament of Fort Bartow be increased by four columbiads and three rifled guns called for above. Fort Bartow is the key of the exterior line of river batteries.

4th. The board report that in addition to the works constructed, under construction, or ordered, works are essential to the west and southwest of Savannah. A survey is now in progress, and until a report is made by the engineer in charge it will be impossible to specify more particularly than has been done in pages 14 and 15 of the report of the proceedings of this board.* It may be stated in general terms that the board consider the Central Railroad of vital importance to Savannah, and that the approaches thereto should be defended by the erection of works mainly for field artillery.

5th. The board report that the effective force of each arm of service now available for defense of Savannah is as follows: Infantry, 5,311; light artillery, 543; heavy artillery, 1,968; cavalry, 1,450; total, 9,272.

The board report that for the proper defense of Savannah the respective arms of service should be increased as follows:

10,000 infantry, making in all......................... 15,000

light artillery, making in all.................. 500

4,000 heavy artillery, making in all................... 4,000

500 cavalry, making in all............................. 2,000


Total.................................................. 21,500

Twelve thousand five hundred increase.


*See p. 869.