War of the Rebellion: Serial 020 Page 0806 COAST OF S. C.,GA.,AND MID. AND EAST FLA. Chapter XXVI.

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was procured last summer. Some of the redoubts still want ramps and graded platforms for extra guns they may mount in emergencies. I have directed that a well should be dug and kept clean by sentinels in each work. The leveling of the old cremaillere lines is only half finished. If the usual infantry force is stationed on the island the work can be executed by details from the regiments, tools for the purpose being furnished by the engineer department. The spaces between the redoubts are to be filled with smaller flanking works and rifle pits for infantry. The strengthening of the Secessionville batteries will obviate the necessity of heavily arming the two left flanking redoubts, and in a communication to he chief of ordnance I have suggested certain changes in the positions of their armament. The road and bridges communicating with Secessionville are in good condition.

SECESSIONVILLE.-The works consist of Fort Lamar, mounting thirteen guns and one 10-inch mortar, and a newly completed two-gun battery for siege guns on the north point of the peninsula, fronting Lighter for siege guns on the north point of the peninsula, fronting Light-House Inlet and Creek. Fort Lamar is nearly completed, and is an exceedingly strong position. I have suggested to the chief of ordnance certain changes in the position of its armament for approval of the general commanding. The work wanted to compete and to make it impregnable if defended by a proper garrison is comparatively slight, and I understand will soon be executed. The placing of torpedoes in Schooner Creek and Light-House Inlet Creek I deem important, and I learn has been ordered. The advance line of the eastern division is formed by the Bridge Neck works, for protection of the bridge to Secessionville, Reed Battery, and the Cross-Roads Line. The first, not being from their position exposed to artillery fire, have been constructed with light profile against infantry fire; they have ramps for three field guns, and in good condition, though sodded.

THE REED BATTERY mounts two siege guns, 24-pounders, and is a hastily constructed work, somewhat low in its site and relief. Orders from the engineer department have been issued to extend the work on the right by two field works for two guns each, with connecting infantry epaulement. As I consider this work all-important in protecting the bridge communication with Secessionville, I would recommend its speedy completion.

THE CROSS-ROADS LINE is some 1,200 yards in length, and consists of a hedge-row, trimmed, and pierced for field pieces, adapted to infantry and field batteries on either flank. This line, originally located by myself, is only intended to delay and attack in force and give time for preparation ont he inner lines. It serves also as a fortified position of some strength for advance forced to occupy when the enemy have landed upon the island. Three bridges communicate with western division of the island: First, at Dill's Bluff, in good condition; second, at Holmes', just completed, with the exception of a hand-railing, and the third over Newton's Cut. This latter wants repair, and I have called the attention of the engineer department to its condition. The means of communication between the two divisions of the island I consider ample and proper.

THE WESTERN LINES OF JAMES ISLAND consist of a continuous redan line, with curtains for infantry, extending from Holmes' place on the left to Libby's, on Wappoo Creek, on the right. In extent these lines are about the same as those on eastern side, say, 2,600 yards. They have no advanced line, and are connected with Fort Pemberton, their point d'appui, by a redan and two flanking redoubts. These defenses mount---guns, all in fair condition. I would recommend that