War of the Rebellion: Serial 020 Page 0805 Chapter XXVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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James Island and Saint Andrew's Parish, I made a thorough personal, inspection of the entire division, and have taken measures to remedy the deficiencies and supply the wants of the command. My batteries are not altogether in fighting condition in consequence of the want of necessary ordnance and ordnance stores, for which requisition have been made.

I have thought it proper, if not necessary, to submit a detailed report upon the condition and state of the defenses instructed to my charge, though many of the matters reported upon have doubtless been already brought to the attention of the commanding general and yourself. Statements A and B exhibit respectively the armament and estimates of force necessary to hold the two main divisions of the command. The estimates of force I have placed at the minimum number. Statement C* will show the effective force of the command.

JAMES ISLAND.-Before remarking upon the main positions in the body of this island or on the Stono front I shall briefly describe the condition of the batteries on the harbor front.

FORT JOHNSON.-This work mounts five guns-two 10-inch columbiads, one rifled 32-pounder, two smooth-bore 32-pounders, and one 10-inch mortar. The guns are all en barbette sunken batteries, with traverses, bomb-proofs, and magazine in good order. The fire of one of the heavy guns is limited by a building used for quartermaster stores, which I have requested the engineers to remove. I have also requested that the embrasures of the abandoned Lamar casemates should be securely closed, to afford bomd proof quarters and hospital for the garrison in action. I have suggested the removal of the smooth bore guns from this battery, as of little service gins probable attack of iron-clads, and would recommend that an additional rifled 32-pounder be sent to replace them.

BATTERY GLOVER.-This works is intended for five guns, some of which are ow in position, viz: One rifled 32-pounder and three smoothbore 32-pounders on barbette carriages; the fifth guns, an 8-inch shell gun (navy), is awaiting its carriage. This gun, not being intended for solid shot, would be more serviceable if placed in the front battery at Secessionville in lieu o the rifled 24-pounder now in that battery, and its position filled by a gun of long range and one capable of projecting heavy solid shot or bolts.

BATTERY MEANS.-This work mounts at present only two 8-inch navy shell guns en barbette, and is now intend only to defend the mouth of Wappoo Creek. From its great distance from the channel of the Ashley, 1 1/8 miles, it can effect but little in that direction, and should be confined to the protection of the Wappoo Crossing. I would respectfully suggest int his connection an iron rail or plated battery for these guns at Chisolm's Mill, to guard the channel, which is immediately at the wharf, which, with Battery Means, to protect mouth of Wappoo, would make the new bridge more impracticable to the iron-clads of the enemy should they force an entrance into the inner harbor.

THE JAMES ISLAND LINES cover a front of over 3 miles, and are divided into equal sections by James Island Creek. They, together with the strong flanking works, Secessionville on the left and Fort Pemberton on the right, form the Stono front of the defenses. The eastern division consists of a line of redoubts and redans strongly built and in good condition, armed at present with twenty guns of light caliber. There are six redoubts, five redans, and one lunette. They should each have magazines erected in them; the timber for such, as I understand,


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