War of the Rebellion: Serial 020 Page 0685 Chapter XXVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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extreme left of Battery Means, James Island, and the smooth 18-pounder, on siege carriage, now outside of Fort Pemberton, will be transferred to the extreme left of the western lines, near the Holmes house, in lieu of two smooth-bore 42-pounder carronades, which will be sent to Savannah, Ga., with their ammunition, carriages, and equipments complete.

2nd. Two Austrian 24-pounder howitzers, with their ammunition and equipments complete, will be required and sent from the Charleston Arsenal temporarily to the Simken Battery, near Holmes' house, James Island, to take the place of two smooth-bore 24-pounders, which must be transferred, with 100 rounds of ammunition per gun, to Savannah.

II. As soon as the foregoing transfer shall have been made four of the six 32-pounder carronades (weight about 2,700 pounds), on siege carriages, sent to Savannah by Major Childs, will be brought thence and transferred to the chief of artillery, with 100 rounds of ammunition per gun.

III. The commanding general of First Military District has authority to direct and order the rifling and banding of such guns as require it within his command to the extent of the capacity of doing the work effectually, and may make requisitions directly up;on the Charleston Arsenal or other proper source thorough his district ordnance officer for the necessary material for the work.

By command of General Beauregard:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

HDQRS. DEPT. OF SOUTH CAROLINA AND GEORGIA, Charleston, S. C., November 22, 1862.


Major and Chief of Ord., Dept. of S. C. and Ga., Charleston, S. C.:

MAJOR: The commanding general directs the following:

1st. The 8-inch shell (naval) gun now on the wharf will be transported and placed on the new battery at John's Island Ferry.

2nd. The 32-pounder navy gun, being rifled and banded at Eason's shop, must be sent, when ready for service, to White Point Battery, to be placed in position on the Ashley River adjoining the position at the salient intended for heavier gun.

3rd. The 10-inch bronze (old pattern) mortar on wharf will be placed in Battery Wagner, Morris Island.

4th. New beds or elevating screws will be supplied as soon as possible for three 10-inch mortars in Fort Sumter.

5th. If not already done, one rifled and banded 32-pounder will be transferred from Battery Means to Beauregard.

6th. If not already done, a 12-pounder rifled piece outside of Fort Pemberton will be sent, with the proper supply of ammunition, to Winyaw Bay.

7th. Two 24-pounder guns (on siege-carriages), now on the eastern cremaillere lines of James Island, will be sent to battery at Willstown Bluff, in Second Military District.

8th. The 32-pounder recently ordered to be banded to replace a defective piece in Fort Moultrie, when ready for service, will be sent to Battery Glover, to take place of a 32-pounder to be brought there by commanding officer First District to be banded and rifled.

9th. All guns when sent or transferred to positions, not already suffi-