War of the Rebellion: Serial 020 Page 0627 Chapter XXVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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Tabular statement of works in the Department of South Carolina October 4, 1862.

Works Location Intend





Fort Sumter Charleston Harbor 140

Fort Moultrie Charleston Harbor, ---

Sullivan's Island

Fort Beauregard Charleston Harbor, 6

Sullivan's Island, east of


New batteries Charleston Harbor, 9

Sullivan's Island, west of


Breach Inlet Battery Charleston Harbor, ---

Sullivan's Island, north


Morris Island Battery Morris Island ---

Fort Johnson Charleston Harbor, James 12


Fort Ripley Charleston Harbor 5

Battery at Lawton's Charleston Harbor, James 2


Battery at McLeod's Charlesont Harbor, Wappoo 12


James Island lines East of James Island Creek ---

James Island lines West of James Island Creek ---

James Island redans and Fort Pemberton 9

redoubts connecting with

Fort Lamar Secessionville, left flank 15

of lines

Fort Pemberton Stono River, covering righ 20

flank of lines

Batteries at Holmes' James Island, east end, 4

house wester lines

Batteries at cross-roads James Island 8

below the church

Battery at Freer's Cross- James Island 7


Reed Battery James Island, Clarke's 6


Batteries connected by Saint Andrew's Parish, 10

covered way Wilkes' place

Present armament Condition Forces Time to

at complete




Two 8-inch shell, three



9-inch shell, five 8-

inch sea-coast, six

24s, three 24-pounder

howitzers, five 10-

inch, twelve 8-inch,

thirty-one 32s, four

32s rifled, seven 42s,

six 42s rifled, seven

10-inch mortars



2 10 days

One 8-inch, one 8-inch Unfinished 107 10 days

shell, one 32 rifled,

one 32, two 24s.

Four 10-inch ...do... 281 3 weeks

Two 32-inch, one 24, ...do... 119 21 days

four 12s, one howitzer

Two 8-inch shell, one ...do... 577 2 weeks

32rifled, three 32s,

one 24 rifled

One 32 rifled, one 8- Complete ---

inch, two 32s


Unfinished 17 6 weeks

Four 32s, one 6 rifled Complete ---

One 32, four 24s rifled Unfinished 150 10 days

One 8-inch howitzer, ...do... 200 3 weeks

five 32s, eight 24s,

four 18s, one 18-rifled

One 8-inch sea-coast, ...do... 100 2 weeks

nine siege guns, 12 to


One 32 Complete ---

Two 10-inch mortars, Unfinished 300 3 weeks

two 8-inch shell, one

32 rifled, six 32s, two

24s rifled.

Two 10-inch, two 8- Complete ---

inch, two 32s rifled,

four 32s, two 42s, two

18, two 12s rifled.

Two 42 carronades, two ...do... ---

32 shell

Eight field pieces ...do... ---

Seven field pieces ...do... ---

Two 24s, one 24 rifled ...do... ---


Unfinished --- 10 days, 100