War of the Rebellion: Serial 020 Page 0487 Chapter XXVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Military organizations in the Department of South Carolina and Georgia, April 30, 1862; Major General John C. Pemberton, C. S. Army, commanding.*


Brigadier General ALEXANDER R. LAWTON commanding.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General W. D. SMITH.

31st Georgia.

38th Georgia.

39th [30th] Georgia.

4th Georgia Battalion.

7th Georgia Battalion.

2nd Georgia Cavalry Battalion.

Georgia Hussars, Company B.

4th Louisiana Battalion.

Chatham (Ga.) Artillery.

Terrell (Ga.) Artillery.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General H. W. MERCER.

1st Ga. (Vols.), Lieutenant Colonel W. S. Rockwell.

13th Georgia, Colonel Marcellus Douglass.

25th Georgia, Colonel C. C. Wilson.

26th Georgia, Colonel C. W. Styles.

29th Georgia, Colonel William J. Young.

50th Georgia, Colonel W. R. Manning.

3rd Ga. Cav. Bat'n, Major D. L. Clinch.

8th Georgia Battalio, Captain Issac Davis.

11th Georgia Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel G. W. M. William.

Savannah Volunteer Guards, Captain W. S. Basinger.

Chatham Light Horse, Captain R. F. Akin

Effingham Hussars, Captain Edward Bird.

Hardwick Mounted Rifles, Captain J. L. McAllister.

Georgia Lt. Art., Co. D. Captain Jacob Read.

Stauton Hill (Va.) Art., Captain C. Bruce.

Major E. C. Anderson's command.



Phillips' (Georgia) Legion, Colonel William Phillips.

1st S. C., Colonel John Haggod.

11th S. C., Colonel William C. Heyward.

15th S. C., Colonel W. D. De Saussure.

16th S. C., Colonel James McCullough.

17th S. C., Colonel J. H. Means.

18th S. C., Colonel J. M. Gadberry.

20th S. C., Colonel L. M. Keitt.

22nd S. C., Colonel Joseph Abney.

24th S. C., Colonel C. H. Stevens.

3rd S. C., Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel G. S. James.

5th S. C., Bat'n, Lieutenant Colonel J. V. Moore.

6th S. C., Bat'n, Major E. Manigault.

7th S. C.., Bat'n, Major P. H. Nelson.

9th S. C., Bat'n, Lieutenant Colonel A. D. Smith.

11th S. C., Bat'n, Major Chas. H. Simonton.

Charleston Bat'n, Lieutenant Colonel P. C. Gaillard.

Coast Rangers, Colonel L. M. Hatch.

Fort Johnson, Major T. G. Lamar.

Holcombe Legion, Colonel P. F. Stevens.

Zouave Company, L. C. McCord.

Gunboat Rattlesnake.


1st South Carolina Regiment.

Caroline (Va.) Art., Captain T. R. Thornton.

Lafayette (S. C.) Art., Captain J. T. Kanapaux.

Macbeth (S. C.) Art., Captain R. Boyce.

Marion (S. C.) Art. (one section), Captain E. L. Parker.

Siege Train (S. C.), Lieutenant Colonel C. K. Huger

Washington (S. C.) Art., Captain G. H. Walter.

White's (S. C.) Bat'n, Major E. B. White.


1st S. C. Bat'n, Lieutenant Colonel J. L. Black.

4th S. C. Bat'n, Major W. K. Easley.

Ashley Dragoons, Captain C. J. Colcock.

Barnwell Dragoons, Captain B. W. Lawton.

German Hussars, Captain T. Cordes.

Jefford's Squadron.

Mulligan's Colonel, Captain A. B. Mulligan.

Rebel Troop, Captain John Jenkins.

St. Peter's Guards, Captain H. C. Smart.

Savannah River Guards, Captain T. H. Johnson.

Willington Rangers, Captain W. L. Disher.

Calhoun Mounted Men, Captain A. M. Martin.


* Remarks on original return report the 10th and 19th South Carolina and the 8th and 16th Tennessee ordered to Army of the West (Beauregard's), and the 12th, 13th, and 14th South Carolina and Orr's Rifles ordered to Virginia.

+ Commanded as follows: First, Colonel Robert F. Graham; Second, Brigadier General R. S. Ripley; Third, Brigadier General N. G. Evans; Fourth and Fifth, Colonel P. H. Colquitt; Sixth, Brigadier General T. F. Drayton. The organizations in First, Fourth, and Fifth Military Districts not given in original return.