War of the Rebellion: Serial 020 Page 0460 COAST OF S.C.,GA., AND MID. AND EAST FLA. Chapter XXVI.

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or claim to be furnished with public transportation, and amongst those thus sent there having been found one known rebel spy, several professional gamblers with the cheating implements of their trade, and others equally objectionable, it is ordered that hereafter no persons will be allowed to land in this department from any United States transport or other vessel having come from a port not within the limits of this department, except persons belonging to the Army or Navy of the United States, or such other persons as may have with them at the time they attempt to land the permit or pass of His Excellency the President, the Honorable the Secretary of War, the general-in-chief of the U. S. Army, or the major-general commanding this department, or certified copies of the same duly attested.

II. Many hundreds of able-bodied men liable to the draft and not in the employ of the Government being now within the limits of this department, pursuing schemes of private profit and speculations based on the necessities of the service, it is hereby ordered that all such persons who may be found within the limits of this department within twenty days from the date of this general order shall be drafted to fill up the weakened regiments from the respective States to which they belong now serving in this department, and all such persons belonging to States not represented here by regiments will be drafted to serve in the regiment numerically the weakest. From this draft no exemptions will be allowed except by special orders from the provost-marshal-general, approved by these headquarters; such special orders to be based on evidence that the party seeking to be exempted is one whose services or usefulness in his civil capacity are such as to justify his claim.

III. The provost-marshal-general of the department will see that the provisions of this order are rigidly enforced.

By command of Major General D. Hunter:


Lieutenant Colonel and A. A. G., Tenth A. C. and Dept. of the South.


Hilton Head, Port Royal, S. C., May 28, 1863.

I. Captain F. C. Ford, commissary of subsistence, is hereby embanked as acting chief commissary of the department during the temporary absence of Lieutenant Colonel M. R. Morgan, commissary of subsistence Tenth Army Corps, chief commissary Department of the South.

First Lieutenant Franklin E. Town, Forty-second New York Volunteers, acting signal officer, is hereby announced as chief signal officer of the department on the staff of the major-general commanding.

Captain Ford and Lieutenant Town, in their respective branches of the service, will be obeyed and respected accordingly.

II. Paragraph III, General Orders, No. 36, current series, from these headquarters, is hereby countermanded. Hereafter all enlisted men appointed and commissioned in the colored regiments will be mustered out as enlisted men when mustered into service as officers.

By command of Major General D. Hunter:


Lieutenant Colonel A. A. G., Tenth A. C. and Dept. of the South.