War of the Rebellion: Serial 020 Page 0446 Chapter XXVI. COAST OS S. C. GA., AND MID AND EAST FLA.

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April 22, 1863.

Brigadier General ISRAEL VOGDSES,

Commanding U. S. Forces, Stono River:

GENERAL: Your letters and reports up to and inclusive of the 20th instant have been duly received.

With respect to increasing the naval force in the Stono, it is a point upon which Admiral DuPont, who alone can direct such increase, has not yet been consulted. But ut is not probable that any additional vessels will be sent, in view of movements now pending.

No iron-clad, it is understood, can be put into the Stono, and it is considered a certainty that none of the enemy's iron-clads can pass through Wappoo into the Stono on account of insufficient water, and as equally certain that no other naval force ins likely to molest you by that route.

A works at the mouth of Folly River seems undesirable just now. The object is simply to hold Folly Island, without attracting too much attention to it, until projected operations can be recommenced. The initial movements in these operations have already ben made, an you may soon except such force at Stono as will made anything beyond actual possession unnecessary.

It is essential that the north end of Folly Island be securely held, yet quietly.

Respectfully, general, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Chief of Staff.


Folly Island, S. C., April 24, 1863.

Brigadier General TRUMAN SEYMOUR,

Chief of Staff, Hilton Head, S. C.:

GENERAL: Your communication of the 23rd instant has just been received. In reply I have to state that the north end of the island is held by five companies.

I have not erected any works there, as they might attract too much attention, and if unfortunately lost would serve to strengthen the enemy. At the position formerly occupied by Colonel Dandy's regiment I have thrown up slight rifle pits, i order to afford a shelter for the supporting force of the troops at the upper and of the island.

I have cut a road though the island flanking the west beach, so as to afford secure and concealed communication with Plantation Hounse and the north end of the island. This road will be in complete order in a few days.

I do not think that the enemy has so far been able to drive either our design or strength. he is strengthening his position at the south end of Morris Island; he is constructing at extensive line near the lookout at Secessionville. With this exception he appears to have abandoned work, and to have only a line of vedettes extending through the woods which bound our horizon on the west. In fact some movements on his part appear to me to indicate a movement toward Edisto.

Naval men entertain the opinion the by lightening the iron-clads and by using mechanical means they can be forced through the Wappoo Channel. But since the arrival of the monitors to Edisto I do not deem it