War of the Rebellion: Serial 020 Page 0336 COASTS OF S. C., GA., AND MID. AND EAST FLA. Chapter XXVI.

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Soon after my arrival, and after conferring with Colonel Fellows, to whom I am indebted for much valuable information concerning this command, I visited the principal stations of the advanced troops, and examined, so far as time permitted, the portion of the island lying nearest to Little Edisto, and also that island, as well as a small inland still beyond, called Whooping Island, over which the road passes leading to Dawho Ferry. The troops of the command I find to be distributed as follows:

Third New Hampshire Regiment at Mitchell's plantation, marked A on the sketch herewith,* which furnishes pickets of the company at b, one company at s, two companies at d.

Forty-seventh New York Regiment on Little Edisto Island, which it pickets, besides supplying a guard of 100 men at the lower landing, marked e.

Ninety-seventh Pennsylvania regiment near lower landing.

Fifty-fifty Pennsylvania Regiment near lower landing, except two companies, which are serving with the Third New Hampshire.

One company of Massachusetts cavalry is posted not far from the two regiments last named, but I have not yet visited its camp. The battery of the Rhode Island regiment is divided, and is serving with the Third New Hampshire and Forty-seventh New York Regiments.

At Otter Island, which I visited on my way here, are two companies of the Forty-fifth Pennsylvania Regiment; two other companies are on Fenwick's Island and one on Raccoon Island.

The headquarters of the command are at Seabrook's house, marked f.

From the foregoing it will be perceived that the command is much scattered, covering much more ground and being much more distant from natural support than could be desired. My firs impulse was to concentrate it to that the whole could act together in the event of attack; but the reasons assigned for the present distribution, referring mainly to the topographical features of the position, have determined me to await further examination before making a change.

The information regarding the position and strength of the enemy's forces is very indefinite. In regard terms, however, he is in possession of the territory on the right, ascending the North Edisto River to the Dawho and up the Dawho to the South Edisto, his scouts or pickets showing themselves occasionally on Jehossee Island.

Pickets are maintained by the rebels on Seabrook Island, at Rockville, at the mouth of Seadenwak Creek, at Bear's Bluff, and at White Point opposite, at Dawho Ferry, and at the junction of the Dawho and South Edisto Rivers, his main positions being at Willstown, Adams, Run Church Flats, and Legareville.

Colonel Fellows reports that he has not been able to obtain any information of importance in relation to the country, the routes and the positions, and strength of the enemy between this point and Charleston. As he goes to Hilton he will be able to explain personally in reference to this and other matters. Only one contraband has come in since he assumed the command.


Brigadier-General, Commanding.

P. S.- Colonel Fellows will explain the reason for keeping the detachment of 100 men of the Forty-seventh New York at the lower landing.


* Not found.