War of the Rebellion: Serial 020 Page 0222 COASTS OF S. C., GA., AND MID. AND EAST FLA. Chapter XXVI.

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on Fort McAllister by three iron-clads, carrying each two guns of the heaviest caliber, and three mortar boats, carrying each one 10 or 15-inch mortar, I make the following statement of damage:

Earthwork.- No material damage nor any that could not be repaired in one right.

Guns.- One gun-carriage shattered; two traverse-wheels broken.

Men.- Two men slightly wounded.

On account of the continued bombardment the negroes could not be worked during the night, and a working party was detailed for that purpose from the sharpshooters. With these men and the assistance of their officers Assistant Engineer McAlpin had all the damage repaired by morning, the 8-inch columbiad remounted on a spare carriage sent from Savannah, and the broken traverse-wheel of the 32-pounder replaced by a new one. The broken traverse-wheel of the 42-pounder had been replaced during the action by Lieutenant [D.] Quinn, of the Emmett Rifles [Twenty-second Battalion Georgia Artillery on rolls], commanding the guns, the spare traverse-wheel having been brought from the rear of the battery in the midst unable to lift it the whole way, rolled it along the ground by holding the fork.

A fresh supply of ammunition was received from Savannah during the night, and the following morning the garrison were as well prepared to renew the fight as they had been to begin it; but the enemy did not come up to time. The battery will be in all respects complete by Tuesday night, should nothing untoward prevent.

I desire to make special mention to the general commanding of the coolness, courage, and presence of mind of Asst. Engr. J. W. McAlpin, who, while under fire, sketched the positions of the vessels, and kept, whit the assistance of others, a tally of the shots fired by the enemy, besides taking notes and collecting the principal facts upon which this report and the annexed tables are founded.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain and Chief Engineer State of Georgia.

Major D. B. HARRIS,

Chief Engineer Dept. S. C., Ga., and Fla., Charleston, S. C.

[Inclosure Numbers 1.]

Table showing effect on works at Genesis Point (Fort MdAllister) of seven hours' bombardment by three turreted monitors, on March 3, 1863. Founded on report of Asst. Engr. J. W. McAlpin.

Mortar battery.- Not struck.

Thirty-two-pounder rifle chamber.- One shell in exterior slope, displacing about 1 cubic yard of earth. One rifle shell grazed eastern slope of right flank traverse between fire gun and 8-inch. Eight-inch columbiad chamber.- Two shells exploded in right flank traverse, doing but little damage. One shot struck gun-carriage right diagonal brace, which it shivered, and rendered gun useless. Five shot entered extension slope of parapet; no serious damage.

Forty-two-pounder gun chamber.- Three shots struck top of traverse between 8-inch and 42-pounder; one, being a shell, exploded; no serious damage was done. Two, if not more, shot or shell (one exploding)