War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0953 Chapter XXV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Fort McCulloch, June 30, 1862.

I. Colonel Alexander's regiment of Texas cavalry, Captain Corley's company of Arkansas cavalry, and all the artillery will be in readiness to march with the general commanding to Frozen Rock, on the Arkansas River, on twenty-four hours' notice. The officers commanding cavalry corps will procure by requisition and supply each man with 50 rounds of ammunition.

II. The four companies of the Chickasaw battalion, now on their way to this post, will remain here in garrison, protect the public property here, and maintain peace and good order.

III. Of Major Simpson [N.] Folsom's Choctaw battalion, one company will relieve Captain Marshal's company of Texas cavalry at Fort Washita, and remain there, to protect the public property at that post. The other two companies will be ordered, the major himself accompanying them, to the vicinity of Doaksville. At that point he will preserve order and protect the people; and he is especially ordered to apprehend all white men found in the country without proper permit or license, and send them across Red River. If any of them are guilty of any acts of violence or outrage, he will deal with them in the most summary manner, and take good care they do not repeat the offense. He may, after a time, relieve the company at Fort Washita with another company of his command, that all may be enabled to have their clothing made up, and be equipped for service. All new companies of Choctaw troops, infantry or cavalry, raised in the country will report to him and be incorporated in his battalion, or be under his orders.

IV. The brigade quartermaster will take measures and employ mechanics and laborers to put the buildings at Fort Washita in complete repair.

V. The Governor of the Chickasaw Nation is respectfully requested to occupy Fort Washita, either with a detachment of the Home Guards or by a company of Chickasaws raised for that purpose.

VI. Captain Marshall's company of Texas Cavalry will proceed to the Wichita Mountains, on the head of Clear Creek, or a branch of Cache Creek, in the valley, at the foot of Mount Beauregard, heretofore known as Mount Scott, the highest peak of those mountains. The department quartermaster will furnish them mechanics and laborers, and he will erect there two block-houses, of two stories each, loop-holed, and the upper story projecting at different angles beyond the lower one; and also a commissary warehouse, and any other necessary buildings. The command will take with it 100 rounds of ammunition per man, and sixty days' provisions. Captain [John W.] Marshall will command all the troops in the Reserve, and guard the Texas frontier against depredations, while taking care that no unprovoked wrongs be done the Reserve or wild Indians. He will grant no furloughs or leaves of absence whatever, for any cause; and he may receive additional men, and when the number received is sufficient, muster into and retain at that post an additional company. The post thus established will be called Camp Alexander.

VII. The Choctaw battalion will be furnished with 50 rounds of ammunition per man. All the remaining ammunition for cannon and small-arms will be conveyed with the main command.

VIII. The department commissary will take steps for the purchase in Texas, and the delivery at or near the residence of Moty Kinnard, at North Fork and at Frozen Rock, of 150,000 pounds of bacon, and, if he