War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0846 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXV.

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well as against marauders and vagrants among our own white population, Colonel J. J. Clarkson is hereby assigned to the command of all forces that now are or may hereafter be within the limits of the Cherokee, Creek, and Seminole countries, until otherwise ordered by brigadier-general commanding the Department of the Indian Territory, who is now marching in that direction, and to whom Colonel Clarkson will report upon his arrival in the Cherokee country. In the interim Colonel Clarkson will take the most vigorous and decided measures for accomplishing the objects above specified. For this purpose he is authorized to apply to and receive from Major N. B. Pearce, commissary and acting quartermaster and ordnance officer at Fort Smith, all supplies necessary for his command in either of the departments over which that officer is placed, and his proper requisition, approved by himself in the absence of Brigadier-General Pike, will be duly filled.

III. Colonel Clarkson is authorized and directed to increase his present battalion to a full regiment of mounted men, for which purpose he will receive as volunteers men within ages of conscription either in Missouri or the Indian country, and will enforce in the promptest manner the provisions of the conscript act against all white men not citizens of the Indian country who may be subject to the provisions of the said act within the limits of his command. If deemed necessary by him he may in the same manner and within the same limits raise one additional regiment of mounted men. He will recommend through General Pike the necessary field and staff officers, who will act under his appointment in the mean time.

IV. Officers, soldiers, and citizens guilty of offenses against the Confederate States or the Indian Government, or guilty of conduct prejudicial to good order or military discipline, will be arrested by Colonel Clarkson, tried summarily before a military commission of three officers appointed by him, and punished as such commission may recommend, except when the punishment of death is recommended. The infliction thereof will be delayed until the arrival of Brigadier-General Pike, to whom full power in the premises is given.

V. The orders heretofore for Colonel Clarkson to report to Colonel Carroll is hereby revoked.

By order of Major-General Hindman:


Chief of Staff.


Fort McCulloch, June 27, 1862


Secretary of War:

SIR: I am advised that Major-General Hindman has taken possession of two thousand rifles forwarded to me in pursuance of the promise of your predecessor, and has used them to arm troops of his command. This has been done without any notice given to me.

I also learn from the quartermaster at Fort Smith that the same officer has caused to be sent to Little Rock from Fort Smith a small quantity of powder which I had caused to be procured by the quartermaster, I having none for artillery, and also some boxes of cartridges procured by me and on the way to this post.

Seven hundred guns purchased by my agent, John Quillin, with $5,000 furnished him by me of moneys received by me from and receipted for to the Ordnance Bureau, were also lately seized at Little