War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0736 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXV.

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centrate at Cross Hollows and give me battle; if not, he must of course retreat beyond the Boston Mountains. I have no doubt of my ability to whip him wherever he may stand this side of the mountains.



CASSVILLE, MO., October 14, 1862.

Major General SAMUEL R. CURTIS:

My information is that the rebels regard Cross Hollows as a very favorable place to resist an attack, though they may choose a point this side. But I care little where it may be. Forage is very scarce about Pineville and is nearly eaten up about Newtonia. For 10 miles about this place and Keetsville it is very abundant; the rebels seem to have reserved it for future use. I believe I can whip or drive the enemy from Northwest Arkansas without delay and then march into the Indian Territory. I may need re-enforcements to accomplish this if the enemy does not stand so that I can break him up, but I think no more than can be easily furnished.



SAINT LOUIS, MO., October 14, 1862.

Brigadier General JOHN M. SCHOFIELD, Cassville, Mo.:

Cross Hollows is no place for a fight. Good water and mills are the only conveniences. The hollows and streams this side are better stand-points; but the country must be very destitute. I am anxious to have the rebels about Keetsville impoverished, so they can't feed the rebel army. Also I want, if appearances admit, that your main force should move west, so as to eat out the country and operate in the Indian Territory. The region of Pineville, Newtonia, and Granby is a rebel haunt.

The President also desires Ross re-established in the Cherokee country.





Jefferson City, October 14, 1862.

I. A large proportion of the wealth of the disloyalists in this district is in the hands of disloyal persons who reside in or in the vicinity of the cities and towns, and who have no articles in kind required for the subsistence of troops, and have in consequence escaped bearing a reasonable share of the burdens imposed upon the disloyal inhabitants. For the purpose of correcting this evil, and with the view of equalizing these burdens as near as may be, the sum of $15,000 is hereby levied upon the disloyal inhabitants of Saline County, and the sum of $6,000 is levied upon the disloyal inhabitants of Middleton Township, in the county of La Fayette, and the sum of $4,000 is levied upon the disloyal inhabitants of the township of Dover, in La Fayette County.

II. Brigadier General R. C. Vaughan, commanding the Enrolled Militia, by order, will provide for assessments, levy, and collection and distribution of said sums of money assessed upon the disloyal inhabitants of the Saline