War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0701 Chapter XXV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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2nd. Each committee will keep an accurate record of its proceedings, showing the names and place of residence of all persons who present claims before them; the amount and character of the claim, and the decision of the committee thereon, together with a brief of the proof in each case.

3. Each claimant must be required to produce satisfactory evidence of the validity of his claim, either by affidavit made before some competent civil officer or by parole evidence under oath before the committee of the facts stated. This must show the fair value of the property stolen or destroyed, and as nearly as can be ascertained by whom done. Claimants must also satisfy the committee that they are and have ben thoroughly loyal, or, if ever disloyal, that they have since the 1st of April last in all respects conducted themselves as good and loyal citizens in actually sustaining and supporting the Constitution and Government of the United States against the present rebellion, and that they have exerted all their influence especially to put a stop to insurrection and guerrilla practices in Missouri.

4th. Each committee will prepare an assessment list in the following manner: Showing, first, the name, place of residence, and estimated wealth of the persons assessed; second, showing by a fraction what part of the amount levied upon the country is to be paid by this individual.

5th. The following persons will be subject to assessment for this purpose: First, all persons who have by their acts or words, directly or indirectly, given any aid or comfort to guerrillas, who have harbored, concealed, fed, consorted with, given supplied to, directly or indirectly, through others, carried information to or for, or been in friendly communication with, or who have, directly or indirectly, been connected with any guerrilla band; second, all persons who have known of the existence and whereabouts of guerrilla gangs, and who have not used every means in their power to give timely information of them to the military authorities.

6th. The levy will be made in money, and fifteen days' notice to pay will be given for all sums of $100 and less, and an additional ten days' time will be given for every $500 over and above $100.

7th. In case payment of the levy shall be refused 10 per cent. shall be added to the amount for each ten days' delay in the payment, and when the payment shall not have been made within twenty days of the expiration of the time allowed by the notice the nearest military commanders shall be notified, who will at once proceed to seize and sell at public sale sufficient property to pay the amount of the levy and costs, and will turn over to the sub-committee the amount so realized.

8th. The amount assessed in each case will be paid to the treasurer of the country committee, who will receipt for it.

9th. Claims which have been audited and passed by the country committee will be paid as far as possible from the county assessment. If there is any surplus it will be turned over to the general committee, to be subject to claims from counties where the amount of the assessment will not cover the claims of damages.

10th. Each of the sub-committees will take the following oath before entering upon the discharge of their duties:

I,--, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully and impartially, without fear, favor, or affection, discharge my duties as a member of a sub-committee instituted by General Orders, Numbers 2, Headquarters Northeast Missouri District, and that I will not have any