War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0700 MO.,ARK.,KANS.,IND.T., AND DEPT. N. T. Chapter XXV.

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way freights to be taken on board without permit, keeping a statement thereof, and reporting the same to the collector or surveyor of the first port to be passed on the trip where there is such an officer, from whom a permit therefor must be obtained or the goods returned under his direction. No permit will be granted for transportation into any insurrectionary State or district, except on cars, vessels, and boats carrying such aids.

XV. All vessels, boats,and other vehicles used for transportation violating any of the above regulations, and all goods, wares, and merchandise shipped or transported in violation thereof will be forfeited to the United States. If any false statement be made of deception practiced in obtaining a permit, such permit and all others connected therewith or affected thereby will be absolutely void, and all merchandise shipped thereunder shall be forfeited to the Untied States. In all cases of forfeiture, as aforesaid, immediate seizure will be made and proceedings instituted promptly for condemnation. The attention of all officers of the Government, common carriers, shippers, consignees, owners, masters, agents, drivers, and other persons connected with the transportation of merchandise or trading therein is particularly directed to the acts of July 13, 1861, and May 20, 1862, above referred to.

XVI. All army supplies transported under military order are excepted from the above regulations. But this exception does not extend to sutlers' goods or others designated for sale at military posts or camps.

XVII. When any officer of the customs shall find in his district any goods, wares, or merchandise which in his opinion are in danger of being transported to insurgents, he may, if he thinks it expedient, require the owner or holder thereof the give reasonable security, that they shall not be transported to any place under insurrectionary control, and shall not in any way be used to give aid or encouragement to the insurgents. If the required security be not given, such officer shall promptly state the facts to the United States marshal for the district within which such goods are situated, or if beyond the jurisdiction of a United States marshal then to the commandant of the nearest military post, whose duty it shall be to take possession thereof and hold them for safe-keeping, reporting the facts promptly to the Secretary of the Treasury and awaiting instructions.

* * * *

By command of Major-General Curtis:


Assistant Adjutant-General.



Macon City, Mo., October 1, 1862.

In carrying out the provisions of General Orders, Numbers 3, Headquarters District of Missouri, the fact that all the counties of Northeast Missouri have been more or less responsible for the villainies of Porter, Poindexter, and their accomplices makes it necessary that the levy upon their friends and abettors to pay their mischief should be proportionately divided among the different counties. A general assessment committee, as hereinafter constituted, will assemble from time to time and proportion among the different counties the amount to be levied on each. The proportion to be levied upon each county will be determined by the committee upon careful consideration, form the best information attainable, of the amount of aid furnished to guerrillas, either in men, outfit, or subsistence by the different counties,and in their report will not be stated as an absolute sum, but as a fractional part of the whole amount to be levied.

In each county a sub-committee will be appointed, firs, to determine the amount of loss sustained by peaceable citizens of their county as a consequence of the late raid; second, to assess and collect the amount of the general loss levied upon their county. The sub-committee will be governed by the following rules:

1st. Due notice will be given by them of the time and place of their meetings, in order that persons who have sustained losses may present their claims to be audited and passed upon by the committee.