War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0520 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXV.

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took part of Pope's troops instead of Pope taking them. They say Beauregard is in Alabama; that none of that army went to Richmond or Vicksburg, but speak of a movement against Tennessee.

I have broken several very important crossings on the Mississippi, destroyed over one hundred ferry-flats, and found and taken two small steamers. Clearing out the Mississippi is again presented to your consideration, and for that purpose more aid from gunboats and the use of large ferry-boats, convenient for quick debarkation, sent to scour the banks. I omit reports of several successful conflicts. All successful, but all with scouts.





July 29, 1862.

Brigadier-General BROWN,

Commanding Southwest Division, Hartville, Mo.:

GENERAL: I have not been able until now to reply to your telegram of the 27th instant, announcing your departure from Springfield, and asking whether any other troops were moving toward the southeastern part of your division. I have to-day telegraphed you that none have been sent, and none can be except in case of absolutely necessity.

I desire you to understand fully the condition of affairs in the State, in order that you may judge of the necessity of holding your position, of falling back to meet re-enforcements, of concentrating the troops of your own division, or other expedient that circumstances may render necessary or wise.

The rebels are gathering in force in North Missouri and are making a desperate effort to establish themselves in that part of the State. We are hot after them and are whipping them every day or two, but the rascals seem to recruit about as fast as we can kill them.

In the central part of the State it requires all the troops I have to keep them down. This rising and the demonstration from Arkansas are parts of a general plan on the part of the rebel leaders to make me withdraw my troops from the southern border for the purpose of suppressing this internal rising and thus give them a chance to make a dash on Saint Louis, or to make me concentrate on the southern border and thus enable them to concentrate and establish themselves in the interior.

I am determined to do neither; I shall let the troops in North Missouri fight it out with them, and I have no doubt of their ability to do it effectually. You and Colonel Glover must take care of the Arkansas rebels if possible. I will re-enforce you from time to time if it becomes necessary. Re-enforcements will have to come mainly from General Totten's division,and will result in giving up a large part of Central Missouri to the rebels, unless the newly Enrolled Militia can take care of them.

You see then how important it is to guard the southern border with your present force if possible; and if not, to give me information in time of the strength and movements of the rebels, so that I may re-enforce you if necessary, but not withdraw troops from other parts of the State sooner then absolutely necessary.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,