War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0518 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXV.

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I am called upon for more troops everywhere and can send none at present. Do the best you can.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,





Saint Louis, July 28, 1862.

All persons who prefer to contribute money rather than personal service in the Enrolled Militia can procure exemption from military duty for one year by enrolling their names and paying an exemption fee into the military treasury of the State or of the county in which they reside, at the option of the individual.

The money paid into the State treasury will be used in paying extra bounty and other extra expenses incurred in raising volunteers for the United States service, and will be expended under the orders of the Governor. That paid into the various county treasuries will be used in defraying the expenses of the State Militia when in active service or in camps of instruction, and will be disbursed under the orders of the Governor.

The exemption fee will be $10 for each individual, and one-tenth of one per cent. upon all taxable property, as shown by the last assessment. The exemption fee may be paid in money or in supplies for the support of the militia when in active service.

It is expected that all persons of means, though legally exempt from military service, will voluntarily contribute in proportion to their ability to one of these funds, and thus enroll themselves among the loyal and willing supporters of law and order.

All persons not exempt from military service by law, by general orders, or by payment of exemption fee will be enrolled and organized into companies, regiments, and brigades.

The organization prescribed by law will be so far modified that each company shall contain of each grade three times the number prescribed by law.

On these numbers any proportion, not to exceed one-third,may be exempt from service for one year by the payment of the usual exemption fee into the company treasury. The fund thus formed will constitute a company fund, to be expended under the orders of the Council of Administration in defraying the expenses incident to the organization, instruction, equipment, &c., of the company when not in active service, and if need be to meet the necessities arising from any sudden and unexpected call for active service.

That portion of each company not exempt by payment of company fee will be divided into two equal parts, one of which will at all times be ready for active service.

Those at any time ready for active service will be called the first class, those exempt for the time being only will be called the second class, and those exempt at all times the third class.

The senior captain of the company will be captain of the third class and ex-officio treasurer of the company. The members of the first and second class respectively in each grade, will at first be determined by lot, after which they will alternate monthly at the end of each month.

A member of the first class may at any time be transferred to the second class by obtaining a substitute from the latter.