War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0506 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXV.

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Saint Louis, Mo., July 22, 1862.

An immediate organization of all the militia of Missouri is hereby ordered, for the purpose of exterminating the guerrillas that infest our State.

Every able-bodied man capable of bearing arms and subject to military duty is hereby ordered to repair without delay to the nearest military post and report for duty to the commanding officer. Every man will bring with him whatever arms he may have or can procure and a good horse of he has one.

All arms and ammunition of whatever kind and whatever found, not in the hands of the loyal militia, will be take possession of by the latter and used for the public defense. Those who have no arms and cannot procure them in the above manner will be supplied as quickly as possible by the ordnance department.

The militia-men who shall assemble at any post will be immediately enrolled and organized into companies,elect their officers, and be sworn into service, in accordance with the militia laws of the State, under the immediate superintendence of the commanding officer of the post.

The militia thus organized will be governed by the Articles of War and Army Regulations, and will be subject to do duty under the orders of the commanding officers of the post where they are enrolled, or such other officers of the United States troops or Missouri Militia, regularly mustered into service, as may be assigned to their command.

Commanding officers will report from day to day, by telegraph, when practicable, the progress of enrollment at their posts and the number of arms required.

Six days after the date of this order are allowed for every man fit for military duty to report to the commanding officer of the nearest military post and be enrolled. All persons so enrolled will be regarded as belonging to the active militia of the State until further orders.

The commanding officer of a post, or any higher commander, is authorized to give furloughs to such men of this militia force as cannot be absent from their ordinary business without serious detriment or such as are not needed for present service. Such leaves of absence will in no case be for a longer period than ten days, and may be revoked at any time or renewed at their expiration, at the discretion of the officer granting them.

The same strict discipline and obedience to orders will be enforced among the militia in service under this order as among other troops, and commanding officers will be held strictly responsible for all unauthorized acts of the men.

The enrollment and organization of the militia of Saint Louis will be under the general direction of Colonel Lewis Merrill, commanding Saint Louis Division, who will establish rendezvous, appoint enrolling officers, and make such regulations as he shall deem necessary.

By order of Brigadier-General Schofield:


Assistant Adjutant-General

SAINT LOUIS, MO., July 23, 1862.

Major-General HALLECK:

By authority of the Governor I have ordered an enrollment of all the militia of Missouri, and will place in active service men enough