War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0467 Chapter XXV. CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.- UNION.

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had a fight with the Kansas troops. The enemy routed, with the loss of most of their baggage; many animals. The new officer, with his command of about 200 men, surrendered prisoners. Coffee also, with the remnant of their forces, retreated toward Fort Smith.


Brigadier-General, Commanding.


Colonel JOHN McNEIL,

Commanding Northeastern Division, Palmyra, Mo.:

COLONEL: As indicated in my telegram of to-day, I deem it important that you take the field in person and exterminate the rebel bands now infesting your division and daily gaining strength.

Major Clopper, of Merrill's House, with about 400 men, is ordered to co-operate with you. He will reach Macon City Monday night. He is a fine officer and has as excellent battalion. He must not be trammeled by being placed under command of an incompetent officer. If you think it desirable to increase his force, send a battalion of Colonel Lipscomb's regiment, under the command of one of the majors. This, I think, would be the better course in any case. Then, if expedient, he can divide his entire force, so as to have with each detachment a part of his own battalion, which can be relied upon in any emergency.

It will require you undivided energy, colonel, to reduce your district to proper condition. While your troops have been in camp of instruction on the railroad the guerrillas have gained head. Better let the men go without instruction than that the country be overrun with rebel robbers while you are in camp. You were deceived in your belief that any portion of the State could be left without troops and the guerrillas not gather in force. The question is to remedy the evil that has been done as soon as possible and guard against the recurrence.

After you have broken up and scattered the larger bands your command should be divided into small battalions, each assigned to the care if a certain territory,and kept in motion hunting down the scoundrels. Do not too moderate in the measures of severity dealt out to them. Carry out General Orders, No. 18 and No. 3, thoroughly.

I shall took with much interest for the result of your expedition. The reputation of yourself and of the State troops is involved in it. I know it is difficult to do much with such troops, but they certainly ought to be as efficient as their enemy.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,



SPRINGFIELD, July 11, 1862.

Colonel W. KING, Cassville:

Move at First Battalion Second Wisconsin Cavalry, one section Davidson's battery, and five squadrons Fourth Missouri Cavalry to Fayetteville and whip Rains. The officer in command will take every-body prisoner that is moving on the road, so that information shall not get in advance of him. Use the Arkansas refugees for scouts, and obtain