War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0425 Chapter XXV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- UNION.

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June 10, 1862.

Honorable E. M. STANTON,

Secretary of War

I have reliable information that a large rebel force of Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas troops,with the rebel Indians under Pike, are advancing from Fort Smith and the Red River Valley northward. I have no doubt that all the Texas, Arkansas, and Missouri troops that were with General Beauregard will return to their own States if they can get across the Mississippi, which they will be able to do in small parties. One of their purposes is for a force to proceed along the northern boundary of Texas, make a dash at Fort Wise, now Lyon, and capture our Government trains. The force at my command is entirely too small. I have respectfully to request that you send me five companies of Eighth Kansas Infantry, and Hopkins' battery, now at Columbus, Ky.; also three additional regiments of infantry. I would suggest that they be sent via Rolla and Springfield to Fort Scott.



Brigadier-General, Commanding.

SAINT LOUIS, Mo., June 11, 1862.

General HALLECK, Corinth, Miss.:

General Curtis does not seem satisfied with what I am able to do in compliance with your orders. He says the troops at Cassville and Lebanon are part of his command and should be sent forward at my earliest convenience, but ate too remote for his present purpose, which is to move on Little Rock; yet he asks if the force at Springfield and all the Rolla line cannot move south immediately.

I am doing all that is possible without giving up Missouri to the guerrillas.

General Curtis does not seem to be in danger, but wants more force to enable him to advance. I did not understand your order as meaning that I should abandon any part of Missouri, unless to enable General Curtis to hold his position until you could re-enforce him. If I am wrong, please instruct me. I have informed General Curtis what troops I have, and he can order them if he will; but he seems to want me to take the responsibility of abandoning a part of ny district to enable him to conquer his.

Since you left Saint Louis I have sent four regiments of infantry out of the State; two regiments of infantry, two batteries, and five regiments of cavalry into the territory recently placed under my command, and have one regiment of infantry and one of cavalry under orders to move as soon as possible. Many of these it is true are raw militia, poorly armed and equipped, but the best I have. Please to inform me if I am expected to do more.




Saint Louis, June 11, 1862.

General CULLUM,

Chief of Staff, &c., Corinth, Miss.;

General Curtis reports that a rebel force is at Mozart, a very impor